Catamaran composite hull built strong for blue water sailors

Composite: a major art

Privilège's catamarans meet the needs of blue water sailors to the highest degree and are individually tailored to your wishes

  • The hull consists of three parts. The hull form is composed of one middle and two side hull forms. The deck, consists of a single large moulded part which is placed on top of the finished hull.
Catamaran strong built composite deck construction
  • The core of the hull is built directly into the mould and thus the monolithic structure is adapted according to the customer's wishes, e.g. a retractable bow thruster or a larger engine room is integrated.
Catamaran construction workers reinforce hull structure for high strength
  • A maximum of reinforcements is incorporated in the deck. This allows an individual adaptation of the yacht equipment such as instruments or deck fittings.
Catamaran interior construction assembly of bulkheads
  • The structure stabilizes the hull during lamination and assembly of the bulkheads. Initially, only the structurally important bulkheads are used. The openings are designed to define the interior of the yacht and the layout.
  • The entire hull construction takes about one month. Then the individual interior finishing of the yacht begins.