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Diversity | HanseYachts AG


The composition of the Supervisory Board is oriented in line with company interests and must ensure effective monitoring and support for the Management Board, which is why the Supervisory Board members are required in particular to possess the skills, capabilities and professional experience required for properly performing their tasks. In addition, the Supervisory Board is of the opinion that its composition should comply with the principles of diversity. In this context, the Supervisory Board also strives to ensure that women are properly represented.

Accordingly, the Supervisory Board has set a target for the percentage of women on the Supervisory Board of 16.6%. When potential candidates for the Supervisory Board are reviewed, qualified women are to be included in the selection process and given due consideration in the election proposals. Where several candidates are equally qualified, it shall be examined whether a female candidate should be given preference with a view to ensuring that women are properly represented. The Supervisory Board considers the participation of women to this extent to be appropriate in view of the gender balance of the other executives in the company and in view of other companies in the industry.

As at 30 June 2017, no women are represented on the Management Board of HanseYachts AG. The Supervisory Board defined a target quota for the percentage of women on the Management Board of 33.3%. The percentage of women represented at the two management levels below the Management Board is 15%. This figure was to be increased to 21% by 30 June 2018.