Dehler   New sailboats designed for fast sailing and cruising pleasure

Experience the original performance cruiser: Dehler. No other type of sailing boat so elegantly bridges the gap between high-performance sports sailing, and stylish, highly aesthetic living comfort. The shipyard has demonstrated ongoing innovative craftsmanship ever since its founding back in 1963. Numerous awards, regatta sailing records set, and major wins are a testimony to the Dehler racing yacht pedigree. Each and every design feature on board a Dehler is a testament to the creativity of the yacht builders. Our cruiser boats are built by passionate sailors for passionate sailors with the very highest quality of craftsmanship and precision, which has always been the hallmark of the ‘Made in Germany’ seal of quality. Dehler offers high quality modern and fast cruiser boats that are intelligently designed for fast sailing and cruising pleasure. 

Fast lane  Limited offer

This is the time to enjoy performance cruising even more. Take the FAST LANE to get your new Dehler 34, Dehler 38 SQ and Dehler 46 SQ sooner and with exceptionally affordable equipment. For the packages included we offer you a 100% discount from April to June 2024, a 75% discount in July & August 2024 and 50% in September 2024.*

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Dehler private sailboat tour

We invite all lived aboard, world cruisers, sail racers, and day sailors to a custom tailored boat show. Dehler dealers are looking forward to meeting you for an exclusive presentation on the Dehler model of your choice. Find out what hull plan and sail plan are perfect for you. Get ready for exciting details on and below the deck of our sailing boats. This private tour means no time constraints and no crowds. Schedule your exclusive consultation today and get ready for an exciting presentation on the sailboat of your dreams!

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Dehler 30 one design high performance sailboat made for sail racing with a high degree of customization

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Dehler   performance sailing philosophy

High performance Sailing Yachts at their top speed
Proceed with Speed
High quality racing boats, Sailing Yacht craftsmanship at its best
Smart Perfection
Engineering the perfect sail racing boat, Sailing yachts at their best

At Dehler, our yachts sailing performance is one of its most important virtues.

Why? Because it continually thrills you and makes you want to feel the power of the hull cutting through waves with speed and precision. The thrill is what sailing is all about. This is why our yachts will always have a sports gene. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our performance on the water. Our sailing vessels offer custom packages that include innovations like the fixed prop Stealth Drive, carbon fiber masts, and high-performance sail plans for faster boat speeds. We are always looking for ways to optimize our boats to your unique sailing style, no matter if you are long-distance coastal cruising or sailing in high speed ocean races.

A yacht beaming with intelligence.

The interior furnishings leave nothing more to be desired. The design is a fusion of function and aesthetics, with craftsmanship that is flawless down to the smallest detail. Each type of sailboat built features many clever ideas that will amaze you. We feel obligated to satisfy these high standards at Dehler every day.

Dehler stands for the values of the “Made in Germany” global seal of quality.

Thoroughness above all is what counts for us. Precision in every detail shapes how we think and act, as well as who we choose to partner with. This includes the internationally renowned yacht designers at judel/vrolijk & co. You can see this in the timeless shapes, thoughtful deck layouts, and dynamically elegant lines of each Dehler.

Sailboat shows   Tour our fast cruising and racing yachts

2024-05-31 - 2024-06-02

Models on display:
  • Dehler 34
  • Dehler 38 SQ
Dealers on site:
  • SCHWERN YACHTEN GmbH & Co. KG (Hamburg)

2024-06-20 - 2024-06-23
San Diego International Boat Show

United States
Models on display:
  • Dehler 38 SQ
Dealers on site:
  • Hanse Yachts US LLC
  • Seattle Yachts

2024-09-12 - 2024-09-15
Newport International Boat Show

United States
Dealers on site:
  • Hanse Yachts US LLC

2024-10-10 - 2024-10-14
Annapolis Sailboat Show

United States
Dealers on site:
  • Hanse Yachts US LLC

(*) Disclaimer: The maximum price advantage refers to the Dehler yacht described above until the end of June 2024. In other markets, discounts may vary depending on the applicable VAT. Not valid in conjunction with other discounts or benefits. No refund if individual components are not purchased. Errors excepted.