Moody  Luxury seaworthy sailing yachts without an equal anywhere in the world

One hundred and fifty years of experience, coupled with unmatched excellence in design and manufacturing. It is qualities like these that have made Moody one of the most illustrious names in the sailing yacht industry. The company has developed an exemplary boat building culture over many generations, culminating in its current range of deck saloon yachts.

Moody yachts at a glance  Yachts to suit every lifestyle

Moody yachts are synonymous with sophisticated luxury on the high seas. Whether you prefer the globally unique deck saloon concept or the revived classic sailing tradition of the Aft Cockpit design, all Moody boats are easy to sail, uncompromisingly seaworthy and built to last, so much so that you will want to embark on voyage after voyage.


Decksaloon 41


Decksaloon 45


Decksaloon 54


Aft Cockpit 41

Presented just for you  your dream Moody

We cordially invite you to your own custom boat show on the yacht of your dreams. Your Moody dealer looks forward to meeting you. They will arrange for an exclusive presentation on the Moody model of your choosing and explain all of the details on and below deck. This personal appointment means no time constraints, no crowds, and it complies with all health and safety rules. Schedule your exclusive consultation today and get ready for an exciting presentation!

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Immerse yourself in Moody's multimedia world to discover your dream sailing yacht in all its facets. Get inspired by atmospheric photos or videos and learn everything about the boat of your choice in authentic 360-degree panoramas and guided walkthroughs with detailed explanations. Step aboard whenever you want and wherever you happen to be.

Customise your Moody yacht  Give it some of your own character

Just as your home is a reflection of your personality, so the design of your yacht is an expression of your lifestyle. Fashion the interior from a choice of exquisite materials in a range of elegant colours. Pinpoint your yacht's sailing characteristics, from the sailcloth right down to the keel shape. Configure your on-board equipment – including the engine, sound system and navigation instruments. Our range of customisable equipment and features means that your Moody yacht will be tailor-made to your exact specifications.

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Retrofit your sailboat with the highest quality electronics
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MyMoody Safety Cloud 

Sophisticated cloud enabled yachts innovative Cloud technology equipped sailing yacht

Yachts built with cloud technology for better service and maximum safety 

Moody yachts combine elegance, speed, safety and state-of-the-art navigation electronics. With the MyMoody Safety Cloud, Moody remains true to its motto and sets new standards.

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Owner of moody sailing yacht on top of his liveaboard bluewater sailboat
Bluewater sailing friends at the wheel of their yacht
Moody Safety Cloud - Advanced yacht technology
The best sailing yachts of 2021 winner of the British yachting awards 2020 winner cruising yacht of the year
Private sailing yacht viewings discover the best sailboats of 2021

From sailing novice to liveaboard sailor

At home on the Moody DS54

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Konnichiwa Japan

First Moody DS41 in the Land of the Rising Sun

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Explained step by step

Video tutorial on the MyMoody Safety Cloud

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Triumph at the British Yachting Awards 2020

Moody DS 41 awarded "Cruising Yacht of the Year”

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Private yacht shows

Experience our Moody model range in a different way - on your very own private boat show. Your dealer will organise an individual viewing appointment…

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Moody excellence  Our philosophy

If you are seeking safe, swift and satisfying sailing, Moody is your first port of call. From weekend trips to adventures on the high seas, even the company's early models were renowned for their superior seaworthiness. Our current range of yachts combines this heritage with a number of additional sought-after qualities, including state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, high-tech digital system controls and cutting-edge navigation electronics.

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Deck saloon sailboats with luxury design

Living on one level  & luxurious comfort

New sailboats that are easy to sail

Easy handling &  perfect control

sailboats built to last with solid hull construction

Safety  & seaworthiness

Skilled craftsmanship of our sailboats master cabin

Handcrafted quality  & high tech

The spaciousness of a deck saloon yacht, the open-air expanse of an Aft Cockpit model – both Moody concepts conjure up a magical sensation of freedom and leisure. This attitude to life is rounded off by highly exclusive on-board luxury features.

On long voyages, you will want to set sail with a small and committed crew. That's why we make sure that your Moody vessel comes equipped with every conceivable mechanical and electronic aid to allow you to cross the oceans effortlessly with just a few crew members.

A firm and secure footing across every inch of the deck is as integral a feature of every Moody vessel as a solid hull construction. Even children and pets will be able to enjoy the delights of blue-water sailing.

Computer-assisted systems are used to generate a precision finish for designs shaped accurately right down to the millimetre. But for all that, the company still relies on the workmanship of skilled boatbuilders – as it did 100 years ago. After all, devotion and experience are crucial to the end result.

Moody boat shows  Come and visit us in person

There's nothing more impressive than seeing a Moody boat close up. Make an appointment and come aboard at one of our next boat shows.

2021-02-01 - 2023-12-31
Showroom Bernau am Chiemsee

Dealers on site:
  • Hanse (Deutschland) Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG - Süd
  • Hanse (Deutschland) Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG

2022-03-31 - 2022-04-03
Japan International Boat Show

Models on display:
  • Moody Decksaloon 41
Dealers on site:
  • Winckler & Co.,Ltd

2022-05-06 - 2022-05-08
South Coast Boat Show

United Kingdom
Models on display:
  • Moody Decksaloon 41
  • Moody Decksaloon 45
Dealers on site:
  • Inspiration Marine Group Ltd

2022-05-19 - 2022-05-22
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Models on display:
  • Moody Decksaloon 41
Dealers on site:
  • Windcraft Australia & NZ

2022-05-27 - 2022-05-29
Hamburg ancora Yachtfestival

Models on display:
  • Moody Aft Cockpit 41
  • Moody Decksaloon 41
  • Moody Decksaloon 54
Dealers on site:
  • Flensburger Yacht-Service GmbH & Co. KG
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Moody manufacturing  One of the world's oldest yacht-builders

Some of the best deck saloon sailboats are built by our master craftsmen

Deck saloon yachts

Moody builds deck saloon yachts that are unique in the world today, inspired by the quality ideals of its founders.

More history

The Carbineer 46

Moody has a long tradition of master craftsmanship dating back more than a century.

Moody builds luxury deck saloon sailboats that are unique