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Superior power boats

FJORD has been building motor yachts for more than 50 years and was acquired by HanseYachts AG in 2005. Thanks to their performance and unique design, power boats of this brand enjoy cult status and are a boat class all of their own. Over the past four years, FJORD has increased revenue by 500% and enjoys a continuous average growth rate of 17%. The latest addition to FJORD’s portfolio is the FJORD 41 XL. In 2019, FJORD sold its 500th yacht.

Quick facts
  • Superior power boats featuring an iconic design
  • A whole new class of power boats
  • Revenue increased by 500% over the past four years
  • Continuous average growth rate of 17%

Be unique.

In the late 1950s, Alf Richard Bjerke visited a boat show in Germany. He was fascinated by the British and Mediterranean shipbuilding tradition and excited by the potential of the new GRP materials. Upon returning to his native Norway, he founded the FJORD brand – and the very fast motor yacht he built was a big-seller. The company grew rapidly during the 1970s, leaving rival European motor yacht-builders in its wake. A new era for FJORD was ushered in by the renowned British yacht designer Patrick Banfield. The angular lines, steep stems, T-shaped roofs and flat surfaces put FJORD power boats in a truly original class of their own. The boats regularly win design prizes all over the world – indeed, the FJORD 44 Coupé was recently awarded the Asia Boating Award 2019. FJORD was acquired by HanseYachts AG almost 15 years ago.

Revenue increased by 500%

FJORD is a true original. Acquiring the brand back in 2005 allowed HanseYachts AG to enter the market for motor yachts. This market is more than twice the size of the market for sailing yachts and is characterised by strong growth,’ says Dr Jens Gerhardt, CEO of HanseYachts AG. This trend has enabled the brand to enjoy above-average growth. ‘Over the past four years, FJORD has increased revenue by 500% and enjoys a continuous average growth rate of 17%.’

Launch of the new FJORD 41 XL

With the new FJORD 41 XL, the 2020 powerboat brand presents a yacht of superlatives and a completely new layout concept. With a total of over 90 possible combinations on deck, the FJORD 41 XL can be completely customized to the customer's needs. To implement the new and groundbreaking concept, a new hull has been developed that is connected to the world's largest T-top. In addition to outstanding sun protection, this has created the conditions for an interior and deck design in a class of its own. With the also newly developed 3D configurator, all deck choices can be individually assembled on the FJORD website. The FJORD 41 XL has been awarded the European Powerboat of the Year 2021.

500th FJORD yacht sold in 2019

The delivery of the 500th FJORD yacht in 2019 marked another important milestone in the history of the brand. The yacht in question was a FJORD 40 Open. The occasion was marked with two special editions: the FJORD 40 Open 500 CLASSIC and the high-performance FJORD 40 Open 650 SPEEDSTER. The Open series is rounded off by two more new models, the FJORD 38 Open and FJORD 52 Open, which complement the highly successful FJORD 40 Open. Another new addition to the range is the FJORD 38 Xpress – the only one developed by the brand that is equipped with outboard motors, making it ideal for anchoring in shallow bays. Unlike the floating sport cabriolets of the Open series, which are mainly sold to customers in warmer climes, the FJORD 44 Coupé features a luxurious and streamlined deckhouse built using real glass, stainless steel and a high-quality composite, which also makes it perfect for year-round use in cooler regions. The two side doors at the helm, two electric windows on the sides, an electric sliding roof and a majestic double sliding door at the rear ensure lots of fresh air when it’s hot outside.

For more information, visit Fjord’s official homepage.


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