Sealine Motorboats  Power Meets Luxury

On a SEALINE, the sky and the horizon are your ever-present companions. Impressive window façades allow you to enjoy the airiness of modern glass architecture on the high seas and revel in unrestricted panoramic views. Thanks to the balance of lighting design, color composition, and material aesthetics, a SEALINE motor yacht is your floating designer suite. Both inside and out, a host of sophisticated extras ensure that your every need is met as you take to the water. SEALINE – the last word in the latest-generation maritime elegance. 

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Sealine   models

Outboard V Series

Sealine_C335v_-2020_12_17_Exterior_P03_16zu9.jpg | Sealine

Sport Series

210809_S335_Modellseite_Header_1440x1080_330dpi.jpg | Sealine

Cruiser Series

Sealine_C335_-2020_12_17_Exterior_P08_16zu9.jpg | Sealine

Flybridge Series

171213_F430_Web_20.jpg | Sealine
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Presented just for you   your dream Sealine

We cordially invite you to your custom boat show on the high-performance luxury yacht of your dreams. Your SEALINE dealer looks forward to meeting you. They will arrange for an exclusive presentation on the SEALINE model of your choosing and explain all the details on and below the deck. This personal appointment means no time constraints or crowds, and it complies with all health and safety rules. Schedule your exclusive consultation today and get ready for an exciting presentation! 

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Discover our motor yachts  24/7

If you are unable or unwilling to travel due to the current situation in your country, we are happy to offer you multiple options to visit your favorite SEALINE remotely. Get inspired by atmospheric photos or videos and learn everything about the motorboat of your choice in authentic 360-degree panoramas and guided walkthroughs with detailed explanations. Step aboard whenever you want and wherever you happen to be.


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Yacht captain looks inspired by the new Sealine designer luxury yacht built for comfort and function

The fascination of SEALINE

Enjoy the Light

SEALINE pulls out all the stops in the art of boat building to create a bright atmosphere and to bring as much light as possible into the inside. The style of our boats is characterized by unobstructed panoramic windows, full-length glass, skylights, large hull windows, and electrical sunroofs. 

Motor yacht guest experiences the joy of a Sealine sun deck while being at sea on a new luxury motorboat
Yachting couple toasts to their new motor yacht while enjoying the large amount of living space it offers

Feel the space

From the initial sketch to the final blueprint, each SEALINE is developed to make the most of space. Whether it is the size of the beds, the amount of headroom, or storage space, SEALINE frequently sets the standards for the top brands worldwide in the respective size classes. To provide even more space, SEALINE created various innovative details: movable seating groups or lounging areas, swivel backrests and retractable tables offer you a host of possibilities.

Combine functionality with design

Our owners and their guests want to enjoy their time on the sea to the full – this requires a perfect interplay between style and technology. The design of a SEALINE is so intelligent, that the yacht fulfills even the highest demands on performance, seaworthiness, comfort, and safety on board.

Motor yacht skipper tests his yachts safety and high performance seaworthiness on the open ocean
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Configure Your new SEALINE

Start customizing your new motorboat today! Red Sealine motor yacht in front of large red cliff face.
  • Select a SEALINE model
  • Personalize your SEALINE
  • Receive your offer
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Come and see us at the following   boat shows

Showroom Bernau am Chiemsee

2022-04-01 - 2023-12-31 | Germany
Dealers on site:
  • Hanse (Deutschland) Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG - Süd
  • Hanse (Deutschland) Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG

Reese Marin Showroom Aabenraa

2022-04-01 - 2023-12-31 | Denmark
Dealers on site:
  • Reese Marin

De Vaart Yachting show room Lelystad

2022-11-01 - 2023-12-31 | Netherlands
Models on display:
  • Sealine C335
  • Sealine C390
  • Sealine C430
  • Sealine C530
  • Sealine F430
Dealers on site:
  • De Vaart Yachting bv

Cannes Yachting Festival

2023-09-12 - 2023-09-17 | France
Dealers on site:
  • Servaux Yachting Saint Tropez
  • Plaisance Nautic Services - Agent Dehler - Hanse - Corsair Marine
  • Servaux SAS
  • Blue Rivage
  • Corsil Marine
  • Constance Boat

Southampton International Boat Show

2023-09-15 - 2023-09-24 | United Kingdom
Models on display:
  • Sealine C335
  • Sealine C390
  • Sealine S390
Dealers on site:
  • TBS Boats Penton Hook
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Discover   SEALINE

Motor yacht couple enjoys cocktails alongside their new innovative motor boat

Founded on pure passion for yachting

Tom Murrant is the founding father of SEALINE. No boat at that time inspired him, so he decided to build a sensational, innovative boat himself.

Sealine F530 a luxury motorboat with innovative design
Stylish motor yacht captain

The idea: a loft-inspired lifestyle on the sea.

With a design language focused on a light, airy and stylish experience, SEALINE caters to the latest trends.

Yacht owner enjoys luxury yachting lifestyle onboard new Sealine C430 motor yacht
Motor cruising couple enjoy their high end lifestyle onboard one of the best new motorboats for 2022

Thinking differently from the start.

Re-innovate – a credo which has made SEALINE one of the leading yacht pioneers in the world

Motor boat skipper enjoys the best of both worlds with high performance and luxury motor yacht
Couple set course on new high quality German built motor yachts designed with British luxury

British tradition meets German craftsmanship

Enjoy sporty British elegance combined with German build quality. SEALINE combines the best of two grand maritime cultures.

High quality tachometer built into the console of high performance British designed motor yacht


Debut on France's south coast

World premiere of the new SEALINE C335

SEALINE yachts at Cannes yachting festival Stand QSP 144

A year full of experiences

Throwback to the greatest moments in 2021

Throwback to the greatest moments in 2021

Weekend adventure on England's coasts boating with a dog

Setting course for England's dream coast on the SEALINE F530

SEALINE F530 anchored off the south coast of England

Explained step by step

Video tutorial on the MySEALINE Safety Cloud

MySEALINE Safety Cloud video tutorial on how to use your motorboats smart features