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Seaworthy high performance motor yacht
Luxury yacht with high performance motor
Motor yacht cutting through water
Overhead view of a sea going Luxury Yacht
Fun on a high performance motor boat
Luxury Yacht going fast on the sea
Luxury Yacht at anchor on the water
High performance motor boat making a turn
Fun at sea on board a Luxury Yacht
Sealine brand logo for seaworthy luxury motorboats

Motor yachts built for comfort, performance, and seaworthiness

British design, German shipbuilding precision and high performance: these are the characteristics that define the luxury motorboats from SEALINE. The brand, which was founded in 1972, was acquired by HanseYachts AG in 2013. The product range is among the most modern available from the Group and has been completely overhauled in the five years since the acquisition. Customers can currently choose from three different series, comprising a total of twelve yachts from 33 to 53 feet. The latest additions are the S335v, S335 and the S390 in the Sport series. SEALINE has doubled its revenue over the past four financial years.

Quick facts
  • Seaworthy cruising motor yachts – made in Germany
  • Fully revamped product range
  • Twelve models from 33 to 53 feet
  • Revenue doubled since 2016

The dream of having your own motor boat

It was 1972 and the British aircraft engineer Tom Murrant decided to buy a motor yacht. But because he couldn’t find the boat of his dreams, he decided to build his own. His idea was to take the loft-inspired lifestyle out onto the open seas. SEALINE has been at the forefront of innovation ever since and has become one of the world’s leading pioneers in the yacht-building industry. Forty years after it was founded, SEALINE was acquired by HanseYachts AG. Since 2013, the celebrated yacht designer Bill Dixon has been responsible for the elegant lines that characterize SEALINE’s yachts. Whether Cruiser, Sport or Fly bridge, all SEALINE models are distinguished by bright interiors, optimal space usage and functional design. SEALINE pulls out all the stops in the art of shipbuilding to create a bright atmosphere. This allows as much light as possible into the interior, so sailors can enjoy unobstructed panoramic windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, large hull windows and electric sunroofs. From the initial sketch to the final blueprint, each SEALINE is designed to make the most of the space available. Whether in the size of the beds or the amount of headroom or storage space, SEALINE frequently sets the standards for the top brands worldwide in the respective size classes. To free up even more space, SEALINE boats feature a whole host of innovative details such as movable seating groups and reclining areas, swivel backrests and retractable tables. Each SEALINE yacht is designed to fulfil the very highest standards of performance, seaworthiness, comfort, and safety on board. 

4 series. 12 models. Infinite configuration possibilities.

SEALINE currently offers four motor yacht series: Cruiser, Fly bridge, Sport, and Outboard V. The Cruiser-series includes the models C335, C390, C430 and C530. They combine flexibility, space and luxury ambience in an exemplary way. The deck house can be closed if necessary, ensuring excellent protection from the weather. The two fly bridge yacht types F430 and F530 provide plenty of space on deck and a magnificent all-round view with their additional, elevated helm stations.

The sporty S-line includes the S335, S390 and the S430. With this line, you get that convertible feeling on deck. The motor yachts of the Sport-series have an open design that creates a summery atmosphere on board. With two powerful outboard engines, the C335v, S335v and the C390v stand for an exceptionally dynamic driving experience. By relocating the drives, the models of the Outboard V-series offer a lot of additional storage space for water sports equipment or similar. The low draft also makes it easy to anchor in shallow bays.

Sealine brand logo
For more information, visit SEALINE’s official homepage.


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