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HanseYachts AG and sustainability

As the second-biggest sailing yacht manufacturer in the world, HanseYachts AG carries a special global and social responsibility. That is why the Group’s corporate management is geared towards sustainability. For HanseYachts AG, sustainability means striving for economic, social and ecological goals simultaneously and with equal priority at regional, national and international level.

Climate protection is the greatest global challenge affecting all three dimensions of sustainability. On 12 December 2015, 196 countries resolved in the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to less than two degrees Celsius. HanseYachts AG wants to do what it can to ensure that these climate protection targets are met, which is why it has made environmental and climate protection the standard by which it conducts business.

At HanseYachts AG, sustainability targets are implemented at every stage of the value chain. The Group’s technological developments are all designed to enhance the efficiency and eco-friendliness of the engines installed in our sailing yachts and motor yachts. In our production facilities, we employ resource-conserving processes with a view to developing long-lasting recreational yachts.

But our responsibility towards the environment as a whole – and especially to the cleanliness of our seas and inland lakes and rivers where people all over the world take to the water for sport and recreation – does not end when a boat is launched from our yard. The Group works with renowned suppliers and project partners from the fields of scientific research and politics to develop pioneering, eco-friendly technologies that are then tested on our yachts and turned into market-ready solutions.

wood heating | HanseYachts AG

Wood heating

As the second-biggest sailing yacht manufacturer and one of the top 10 motor yacht manufacturers in the world, HanseYachts AG operates one of the biggest and most state-of-the-art boat carpentry workshops in the industry at its base in Greifswald. High-precision machines help to keep wood chippings to a minimum during the production of parts for yacht interiors. Since 2007, any wood waste that cannot be used undergoes climate-neutral incineration in the company’s own wood heater, which also keeps the shipyard halls warm.

100% Green electricity

As a manufacturing company, HanseYachts AG's business activities have a direct impact on the environment. Energy-intensive production methods are used in connection with the manufacture of sailing and motor yachts. In accordance with the Group's internal ethics policy, the aim is to ensure that HanseYachts AG's direct activities do not harm the environment. As part of its operational environmental management, the Group aims to ensure that its production processes comply with the law and, at the same time, attempts to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions. Since the general energy consumption of production is high despite energy-saving measures, the Group relies on the energy supply of individual locations through green electricity and/or district heating in order to minimize the environmental impact.

Green energy certificate


With the Hanse E-MOTION RUDDER DRIVE, HanseYachts AG has developed a truly revolutionary propulsion system that sets new standards in the environmentally friendly propulsion of series-produced sailing yachts. An electric motor – including propeller – integrated in the rudder blade replaces the diesel motor with saildrive. The new electric motor is installed in the Hanse 315.

e-motion rudder | HanseYachts AG
Easy handling | HanseYachts AG

Easy handling

The E-MOTION RUDDER DRIVE is controlled via the control panel in the cockpit, which works in the same way as a throttle lever in a sailing yacht with a combustion engine (forwards and backwards). Active, direct steering ensures easy manoeuvring. The system can also be monitored using an app (battery level, position, range, speed, tracking).

Integrated motor | HanseYachts AG

Electric motor integrated in the rudder blade

The 4 kW electric motor integrated in the rudder blade delivers enough power for a top speed of 6.1 knots and a range of 30 nautical miles at 4.5 knots. It is much lighter than a comparable diesel engine, offering enhanced sailing performance and fun with significantly lower noise emissions.

Active direct steering | HanseYachts AG

Active, direct steering

Because the propulsive forces of the propeller are steered directly in the direction of the rudder position, sailing yachts equipped with E-MOTION RUDDER DRIVE can be actively manoeuvred. This is helped by the rudder range, which has been increased to a full 100 degrees and so enables very small turning circles and allows the boat to be turned about its keel – perfect for manoeuvring in confined harbours. The system also makes the process of docking and casting off much easier in tricky side winds.

Campfire Logo | HanseYachts AG
fuel cell| HanseYachts AG

CAMPFIRE research project

HanseYachts AG is part of the CAMPFIRE project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The aim of this project is to develop new technologies for the decentralized generation of ammonia using renewable energies so that it can be used as a sustainable energy source for emissions-free maritime mobility. For a sports yacht, HanseYachts AG is developing a refueling system, an emissions-free propulsion system and an on-board power supply system that uses ammonia as an energy source. This system is destined for future use in commercial shipping.