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New European designed luxury motor yachts and weekend boats

Performance motorboats

FJORD offers a range of new luxury power boat with an open layout design. Not only does their open layout give them as much deck area as a super yacht, but they are also easy to handle. This brand features boats with a powerful engine that uses intelligent IPS technology from Volvo Penta ensuring  easy maneuverability on a yacht that can measure up to 52 feet in length. Out on the water, almost all models can reach speeds in excess of 40 knots. Another feature is the innovative all-round deck, which ensures easy and safe access to the bow. The generous sun decks, adjustable bathing platforms and spacious outdoor kitchens make this brand perfect for warmer climes.

Fjord high performance motorboat on the ocean
  • Motor yacht: 36–52 ft
  • Open and powerful luxury yachts
  • Speeds of 40 knots and more

Cabin cruiser yachts

Under the SEALINE brand, HanseYachts AG constructs innovative new motor yachts for the cruiser segment. SEALINE offers a diverse range of motorboats from 33 to 43 feet and with two to four cabins. Another special feature of these yachts in addition to the innovative IPS inboard engines from Volvo Penta is the exceptional lighting architecture. Motorboats measuring 43 feet or more are fitted with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, offering a 360-degree view. The Flybridge versions additionally feature a third level, a second helm and vast amounts of living space makes this type of boat great for entertaining family and friends.

SEALINE luxury cruising motorboat in the open ocean
  • Motor yacht: 33–43 ft
  • Innovative motor yachts for the cruiser segment
  • Floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows with a 360-degree view

Weekend boats

RYCK offers true all round power boats for sale with a high degree of individualization. They cater to water sports enthusiasts with high demands on design and equipment. The RYCK 280 offers a contemporary sportive design on nine meters length. Ryck is one of the best brands to choose for day trips on lakes and rivers. She is in a class of her own, and not only visually — also in regard to handling and safety, she sets new standards and is perfectly suited for beginners young and old. 

Fast moving single engine green and blue RYCK motorboat speeding on the water
  • Motor yacht: 24 – 39 ft
  • Innovative motor boats with outboard engines
  • Extra-hydrodynamic hull design

HanseYachts AG builds a wide range of new motor boats and motor yachts

The development, manufacture, and sale of motor yachts is HanseYachts AG’s second business segment. Since the acquisition of FJORD in 2007, the yachts under this brand are all manufactured by HanseYachts AG at its Baltic coast shipyard. FJORD motorboats characterized by their spectacular design — clear, angular, no frills and with the potential for real speed. The product portfolio includes yachts from 36 to 52 feet.

All FJORD boats are modern “Open” motorboats with a sleek cabin. The high quality design of the FJORD motor yacht is by Patrick Banfield, who is world renowned for building spectacular super yachts for a wide variety of famous owners. In appearance, the motor yachts are clearly different from those of competitors.

Design is the key feature of FJORD. But this unwavering focus on design is never at the expense of cruising performance or the host of highly practical details. The high, straight panels ensure safety in the cockpit and mean that the social spaces for entertaining and the helm can all be used in the best possible way. 

In autumn 2013, HanseYachts AG also acquired the long-standing British yacht brand SEALINE. Offering models with inboard and outboard motors from 38 to 53 feet, as Sport Coupé or classic Fly bridge, the SEALINE brand occupies the mid-size range. Typical of this long-standing English yacht brand is a design that provides just the right combination of light, space, and functionality.

SEALINE yachts are real ‘boater boats’, designed to give their owners — the perfect level of comfort for overnight cruising and day cruising. Each SEALINE yacht is designed to make the most of the space available for its hull type. They are sporty, but still offer ample space below deck. 

SEALINE designers put practicality at the forefront of the design. The yachts have a distinguished, elegant appearance that appeals to a wide range of customers, and offer every comfort below deck with a high level of technical features.

RYCK is the third motorboat brand of HanseYachts AG, the company has started establishing itself in the market during the summer of 2021. This new brand provides innovative motor yachts for sale with outboard engines in the 24 to 39 foot segment. Setting new standards on the market in terms of customization options to meet customers’ needs.

The RYCK 280 is the first model created by the brand RYCK it is a small, versatile motorboat with a powerful outboard engine, featuring a super-hydrodynamic based hull design. This motorboat is typically great for swimming, diving, fishing, and all around weekend fun.