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Successful boat exhibition in Hamburg

It was a right decision to display the full range of yachts, as already the first weekend was very successful. Beside some of the leading European yacht manufacturers had been absent or only showed part of their range, Hanse presented the models from 325 to 545, only the 630 was not on the show. Dehler showed all boats, Moody the redesigned Moody Aftcockpit 41 with the new interior and the Decksaloon 45.


Good talks and a lot of signed contracts with all brands demonstrate the trend, that yacht owners not only think about a new yacht, but as well to buy one. A lot more visitors than last year approve that as well.


The interest of visitors for the very new and first time presented Varianta 44 was great. The yacht seems to address to a complete new target group. The 13 meter long sloop is as well a pure sailing yacht like the smaller Varianta 18. Basic sailing means, that everything is on the boat for sailing and living, luxury is ballast. The public did understand the concept of basic sailing very well, and it was not only the price of less than 100 000 Euros for the ready-to-go-boat, that impressed. The stand was so crowded every day, the it had to be closed from time to time.

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