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HanseYachts AG Career

Working at HanseYachts AG

Job vacancies, applications and more

Since the company was first established in 1990, around 1,500 jobs have been created at HanseYachts AG. More than half of our employees, who hail from a total of 14 nations between them, work in more than 100 different professions and positions at our headquarters in Greifswald. We offer a variety of jobs, apprenticeships, and internships within of the development, production, and sales of our sailing yachts and motor yachts. Follow a variety of career paths and truly fascinating work placements, apprenticeships and full-time jobs located in an attractive location on Germany’s and Poland’s Baltic coast.

Career opportunities with us are every bit as diverse as the types of job we offer. We are looking for:

  • New entrants in specialist and management positions
  • Apprentices
  • Placement students

Have a look at our current job vacancies to find out whether we have a work placement, apprenticeship, or career that could be of interest to you. Alternatively, you can feel free to send us a speculative application.

product Designer | HanseYachts AG

HanseYachts AG as an employer

HanseYachts AG is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of sailing yachts. We are among the top ten suppliers in the world for series-production motor yachts. This impressive market position has been made possible by our employees. Our yachts regularly win prizes and international awards, providing compelling evidence of the supreme development and production quality that our boatyard offers. Time and time again, we set new standards in the industry with a host of innovations and novel features. Our company profile provides some initial insight into HanseYachts AG’s strategy and multi-brand portfolio.

Company profile
Students learning from sailing industry professional

We’re training the next generation

HanseYachts AG has six exciting apprenticeships to offer, five in vocational/technical fields and one in a business direction. In 2022, the IHK Neubrandenburg chamber of industry and commerce named us one of its TOP COMPANIES FOR APPRENTICESHIPS. We are proud of the fact that our apprentices are regularly among the most accomplished in their year groups. We take on most of our apprentices into full-time positions once they have successfully completed their courses. Find out what kind of apprenticeship is right for you.

Our apprenticeships
 Job offers | HanseYachts AG

Job vacancies

We need specialists and true team players to help develop, manufacture and sell our sailing yachts and motor yachts. As we continue to grow, we are always on the lookout for new skilled workers. With over 100 different professions and positions at our headquarters in Greifswald and at our locations in Hamburg and Goleniów (Poland), we offer varied fields of activity and exciting career prospects. Want to find out more? Have a look at our current job vacancies.

Job vacancies

Tips for your application

No matter which job or apprenticeship you’re applying for, we’re looking forward to getting to know you. Here are a few tips for applying to HanseYachts AG:

Covering letter

Tell us why you are applying for that particular position or apprenticeship, why you are suitable for it and what it is about HanseYachts AG that interests you.


Your short CV should provide a concise overview of your personal and professional life to date. We are especially interested in your academic and professional background.

References and qualifications

In particular, we would like to know about your most recent academic accomplishments. If you already have references from employers, please submit them along with your application. If you have any other certificates for qualifications that could be relevant to your new job role or apprenticeship, feel free to submit those as well.


We will most likely contact you via e-mail. If you would prefer us to get in touch with you by telephone, please mention this in your application.

Salary expectations

Please inform us of your salary expectations in your application for a job vacancy. You do not need to do this if you are applying for a work placement or apprenticeship.

Starting date

We hope that you will be able to join the HanseYachts AG team as soon as possible. Please let us know your earliest possible starting date or your notice period for your current employer, as applicable. Our apprenticeships begin on 1 August every year. 

Data protection

We will handle your documents in the strictest confidence. Only the HR department and the relevant department for the job you have applied for will be able to view your documents. Your data will be deleted immediately once the application process is complete.

One step at a time – your journey into our diverse working environment

In the recruitment process - individually planned for the position, we try to familiarize the candidates with our organization in the best possible way. We pay particular attention to clear information about the scope of duties and details of the offer. We are looking for both qualified specialists and people without experience, whom we train as part of internal training. The moment you submit your application documents via our online form or through the post marks the start of a multi-stage application process.

  • As soon as we receive your application, we will send you an acknowledgement to confirm that it has arrived. We will contact you via e-mail or telephone if we have any queries or require any additional documents during the application process.
  • Assuming that your documents are all complete, our HR department will compare your qualifications against our job specifications. If everything fits, we will pass your application on to the relevant specialist department to review.
  • If your professional profile meets our requirements, we will want to meet you in person. In that case, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone to arrange a phone interview or an initial in-person interview.
  • We will then send you written confirmation of the appointment along with some additional important information.
  • Your initial interview will be with the person who would be your immediate line manager at the relevant department and an employee from HR.
  • If you impress us in your interview, we will invite you to a second interview to provide an opportunity to go into a little more detail on subjects covered in the initial interview and to discuss aspects relating to your employment contract. Vocational apprentices will be invited to take part in a work placement lasting two to three days.
  • So, what happens if we think that you would be a good fit for our company? A member of the HR team or a representative of the department in question will give you a call. We will post an employment contract for you to sign, along with some useful information about your new workplace. You are also welcome to come in and sign your contract on the premises if you would prefer.
  • If you apply for a job in Poland, you will have to pass a medical examination and provide formal documents in order to sign the contract. During this phase, a trainer or manager will support you. Then you will receive all the necessary materials and work equipment.
Any questions about apprenticeships? We’re here to help! You can contact our HR representative by phone from 09:00 to 16:00 from Monday through Thursday and from 09:00 to 14:00 on Fridays, or via e-mail.

Beate Engelbrecht

HanseYachts AG

Ladebower Chaussee 11

17493 Greifswald, Germany

+49 (0)3834 579 2200


Beate Engelbrecht | HanseYachts AG