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Dehler sailing yacht
Dehler performance sailing yacht
Dehler high performance sailing yacht
Dehler high quality made in Germany performance sailing yacht
Dehler quality made in Germany performance sailing yacht
Dehler race ready high quality made in Germany performance sailing yacht
High performance and high quality German made sail racing boats and sailing cruisers

Performance cruiser / racer

Proceed with speed. Dehler has been developing and building speedy sailing yachts by this philosophy since 1963. The brand is the world market leader in the cruiser / racer segment, enjoying a global market share of 10%. And 13% of all sailing boats on seas, lakes and waterways in Germany bear the brand name Dehler. Customers can currently choose from six different models ranging in size from 29 to 46 feet. The Dehler 30 one design has won three awards. The new Dehler 38SQ is a dynamic evolution of the successful Dehler 38 model. Dehler has been part of HanseYachts AG since 2009.

Quick facts
  • World market leader in the cruiser/racer segment
  • Six models from 29 to 46 feet
  • More than 25,000 sailing yachts sold since 1963


World market leader in the performance cruiser / racer segment

Dehler is the world market leader in the performance cruiser / racer segment, where it enjoys a global market share of 10%. For Dehler, sailing performance is the most important virtue of any yacht. Dehler yachts regularly leave the field behind at international regatta events. Just a few modifications are all it takes to transform a comfortable performance cruiser into a thoroughbred regatta yacht. For small and large crews, for all-day races with friends or the people on the neighbouring landing stage, for regattas with an international field. Or simply just to fulfil your own sporting ambitions.

Dehler yachts are speedy, safe and elegant. Their equipment and features leave nothing to be desired. The design combines function with aesthetics, and the workmanship is flawless right down to the very last detail. The internationally renowned yacht-builders judel/vrolijk & co have been designing these timeless yachts with their dynamic and elegant lines since the mid-1990s.

More than 25,000 sailing yachts sold since 1963

Every single Dehler product is the fruit of almost 60 years of German yacht-building experience.
And more than 25,000 sailing yachts sold and almost 900 innovations since the company’s founding in 1963 are impressive testament to this fact. The brand enjoys an extremely strong market position in its home nation, with 13% of all sailing yachts on seas, lakes and waterways in Germany bearing the brand name Dehler. In the global sailing boat-building industry, the brand stands for the thoroughness and precision that have always been the hallmark of the ‘Made in Germany’ seal of quality.

The range currently comprises six high-speed seagoing sailing yachts ranging in size from 29 to 46 feet. The Dehler 29 is the entry-level model and is steered using the tiller. The yacht is the perfect choice for novice sailors and small families and can be easily manoeuvred by just one person. Launched 30 years ago, the Dehler 34 heralded the era of the performance cruiser. The current model featuring double-wheel steering is the direct successor of this yacht, which enjoys cult status in sailing circles. The Dehler 38 is a highly agile yacht that is perfect for families. At Dehler, SQ traditionally stands for Speed & Quality. The new Dehler SQ38 features a new color and lighting concept, a more diverse variance in interior layout, and powerful improvements in rigging and cockpit. Its big sister, the Dehler 42, is the most versatile yacht made by this brand. It offers flexible cabin layouts and is the proud winner of the iNOVO award. As the top model, the Dehler 46 combines spaciousness with all the performance you would expect from this brand.

The Dehler 30 One Design, which was launched in 2019, strikes a new and uncompromising course. The model combines outstanding performance and easy handling with a basic level of living comfort. ‘We wanted to develop a fast, lightweight boat that can win regattas but does not compromise on living comfort for holiday excursions,’ says designer Matthias Bröker of judel/vrolijk & co. Its sporty format is perfect for circuits in coastal areas, but there’s nothing stopping more adventurous sailors taking part in transatlantic regattas. The 30-foot hull length means that it can participate at the upper end of a group in the Silverrudder Challenge around the Danish island of Funen. Being a one-design boat, the Dehler 30 One Design comes with the full kit: a carbon mast, twin rudders, a keel with aluminium fins and a 900-kg lead bomb, two 200-litre water ballast tanks, a Dehler stealth drive, a removable bowsprit and a comfortable-yet-sporty interior design.


Seagoing sailing yachts from race ready regatta yachts to cruiser speed & quality
For more information, visit Dehler’s official homepage.

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