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New sailing yachts and sailboats for sale

Cruising yachts

The Hanse brand offers a wide range of new yachts for sale between 31 and 56 feet in length. They are characterized by their outstanding ease of manoeuvring and modern, asymmetric design.

Through close collaboration with the world renowned and regatta savvy yacht architects from Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design. Hanse develops and builds comfortable and easy to sail yachts that exhibit impressive sailing performance. Hanse is the only sailing yacht brand to offer yachts specifically designed to accommodate a self-tacking jib. Their sailing yachts offer single-handed operation with large sail plans.

High quality Sailing yachts being easily sailed single-handed
  • Sailing yacht: 31–56 ft
  • Exceptionally easy to handle
  • Modern design
Hanse brand website

Performance cruisers

Dehler is famous throughout the world for its modern performance cruisers and is a celebrated name on the regatta scene. Not only are Dehler yachts specially designed for high performance sailing, but they also feature a comfortable interior. In addition to outstanding sailing performance, Dehler offers speedy cruisers that are perfect for families and small crews.

While the deck and hull are high-tech developments from judel/vrolijk & co, elegant interiors offer the perfect balance. They were specially designed by renowned interior architects and feature plenty of indirect lighting and high quality luxurious materials.

Dehler 30od High-performance sailboat racing offshore
  • Sailing yacht: 33–46 ft
  • High performance sailing
  • Comfortable interiors
Dehler brand website

Luxury sailing yachts

As the oldest sailing yacht brand in the world, Moody enjoys a special status on the sailing scene. Its blue-water yachts are primarily deck saloon yachts, and thanks to their 360-degree view, offer pure luxury at sea. Featuring luxurious materials and outstanding craftsmanship, the beautifully elegant interior design reflects Moody’s long-standing tradition of high-quality yacht-building.

White Moody Decksaloon 54 bluewater sailboat sailing on the open ocean
  • Sailing yacht: 41–56 ft
  • Sail in luxury
  • High quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship
Moody brand website

Innovative and cutting edge new sailing yachts from HanseYachts AG

HanseYachts AG develops and builds cutting edge sailing yachts with highly exacting standards of design, performance, seaworthiness, and handling. We hand build sailing yachts under three world renowned brands – Hanse, Dehler, and Moody. The diverse array of designs and configurations are built according to each customer's requirements. A worldwide dealer network offers their brand name sailing yachts for sale and all over the world.

Each sailing yacht supplied by HanseYachts AG is manufactured and tested on the German Baltic coast. Hanse is at the top of its market as an industry leader in innovation. All models are built to the highest standards with the latest equipment. 

The best designers in the world of yachting are partnered with Hanse to upgraded and refine all yacht designs. Investments are actively made in pioneering projects focusing on yacht technology and the development of alternative drive systems. All of which helps secure an innovative future for HanseYachts AG.