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Our mission statement

HanseYachts AG manufactures high-quality sailboats and motorboats at three locations in three countries. We are a medium-sized company with a strong focus on performance. We produce in Europe, but deliver all over the world. Each of our boats is distinguished by exceptional design, the highest quality craftsmanship and the heart and soul of 1,800 employees. As one of the leading yacht manufacturers in the world, we want to develop the fascination for boats and water and thus our business in an enduring way. The mission statement describes the values and philosophy of our company and serves as an orientation for professional action for all employees.


We stand up for fundamental rights, democracy and diversity

As a company in which people from countless countries work together to successfully sell our internationally sought-after yachts all over the world, HanseYachts stands for diversity, fundamental rights and democracy. We clearly reject all political endeavours that question or fight against these foundations of our peaceful and free coexistence.

Once before, we did not oppose the extreme right in Germany early enough. This must not happen again. In our company, we will do everything in our power to prevent right-wing extremist and inhumane attitudes from becoming socially acceptable.

We also call on our employees to take a firm stand against such developments. After all, anyone with right-wing extremist positions outside the German constitution and our free democratic basic order is absolutely out of place at HanseYachts.

Especially against the background of our German history, as a German and internationally orientated company we say clearly and unequivocally: Never again!

The values of our corporate culture

We can't change the world. Or maybe we can. The way we treat each other determines what we as a team can achieve. As HanseYachts AG, We want a culture that strengthens individual employees and the company’s overall performance. Because only together can we realize the lifelong dreams of our customers.

Mission Statement and Values of HanseYachts AG


Good cooperation requires a healthy and inspiring work environment, so we are committed to transparency, honesty and integrity in all our actions. We listen to each other, share news and ask for feedback so that every employee feels seen, heard and respected. We value our employees and partners as individuals and work hand-in-hand to successfully grow the company. We are not just colleagues, we are allies.


The yachts we develop are among the most beautiful, safest and modern of our time. We develop premium products, but we are always fearless in challenging our status quo. We have the courage to change and continuously improve our performance, adapt it to new conditions and constantly develop our range of products. In engineering, assembly and service, we act as role models, thought leaders and foremen to create special ships and experiences.


The secret of our success lies in our motivated employees and our strong project teams with a strong sense of entrepreneurial responsibility. We are all in the same boat - every employee is responsible for the future of HanseYachts AG. We always behave professionally, do what we promise and complete our tasks successfully. We are committed and work with enthusiasm for our customers, the company and our products.


Our company offers six successful brands on the market. The oldest brand is already over 90 years old. All our boats have one thing in common: reliability. Not only with our yachts do we attach great importance to reliable performance, but we also expect our employees to meet deadlines and agreements. Reliability is the basis of our relationships with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers.