Two yacht models, the Hanse 460 and new Hanse 510, on display at Tulln Boat Show showroom.

Sail Away in Style

Latest Sailboat Models Steal the Show at Tulln Boat Show

There was an electric atmosphere of anticipation and excitement as we unveiled our latest sailboat models, the breathtaking Hanse 460 and new Hanse 510, side by side at the indoor boat show in Tulln, Austria. Attendees were left in awe of the impressive yachts, with both visitors and industry professionals alike showering praise upon these stunning boats.

Crowd admiring the sleek and modern design of the Hanse 460 yacht model at Tulln Boat Show.
Two stunning yachts, the Hanse 460 and new Hanse 510, displayed together at the Tulln Boat Show showroom.
Sales team of Hanse Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG standing on a balcony, overlooking the stunning yachts at the Tulln Boat Show showroom.
Hanse 510 model being towed by a truck into the Tulln Boat Show showroom, ready for display.
Hanse 510 yacht model being lifted by a crane into the Tulln Boat Show showroom for display.

The Hanse 460 and Hanse 510 surpassed all expectations, leaving visitors in awe and wonder. Their sleek and modern designs, combined with unparalleled performance capabilities, left a lasting impression on all who laid eyes on them. The luxurious interiors and spacious living spaces were particularly striking, offering a comfortable and opulent experience for those seeking adventure and comfort at sea. The team at Hanse Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG were on hand to showcase the latest innovations on and below deck to sailing enthusiasts. Prior to the show, an exclusive film by Austrian TV channel Servus TV documented the exciting set-up of the Hanse 510 backstage. Watch the largest cruiser of the show being carefully positioned and sailing in our official Hanse 510 film.

We are eagerly looking forward to showcasing our new sailing yachts at even more boat shows this year. Please take a look at our boat show calendar and ensure that you book a private yacht tour. Alternatively, schedule a yacht tour with one of our international dealers.