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Hanse yacht in production

Profile of HanseYachts AG

Developed by sailors. Tested on the Baltic Sea. Sold across the world. Since its founding in 1990, HanseYachts AG – which now encompasses six brands – has become one of the biggest manufacturers of seagoing, series-produced sailing yachts and motor yachts. HanseYachts AG went public in 2007 (General Standard); around 23.23% of its shares are currently freely traded. In 2011, Munich-based Aurelius AG became the majority shareholder and currently holds around 76.77% of issued shares.

Second-biggest yacht-builder in the world

Second-biggest yacht-builder in the world

In terms of the number of yachts sold worldwide, HanseYachts AG is the second-biggest manufacturer of sailing yachts in the world. In the market for recreational motor yachts, the company is now among the top 10 providers worldwide. Production takes place at the two locations in Greifswald (Germany) and Goleniów (Poland).

Direct access to the Baltic Sea

Direct access to the Baltic Sea allows HanseYachts AG to test its range of sailing yachts and motor yachts under real-life conditions. Each new product undergoes extensive testing before being placed on the market. These test results are instantly and directly incorporated in ongoing product development. New materials and components are tested on water, not just under laboratory conditions.

Some customers travel all the way to the shipyard itself to pick up their new yacht before sailing back home, wherever that may be in the world. A crane carefully positions the sailing yachts, motor yachts on the water for the first time after they leave the production halls. For sailing yachts, the mast is set and all the rigging is installed on site.

Yacht on the Baltic Sea

Own production sites

Our own production sites enable fast response times and highly efficient manufacturing. The entire GRP production is carried out to the highest standards of craftsmanship by experienced specialists. The production process ranges from the lamination of small parts and the fabrication of hulls using the laying-by-hand technique to weight-optimised vacuum infusion for specialised yacht types.

At HanseYachts AG's headquarters in Greifswald (Germany), all wood and interior components are manufactured in-house. Ultra-modern state-of-the-art equipment featuring CNC milling machines ensures that the parts get cut to the exact millimetre. Highly trained specialists assemble the furniture by hand. The final assembly of the sailing and motor yachts gets carried out in a most cost-effective manner on the production lines.

The production site in Poland
The beginnings of the Polish branch date back to 1995 - initially under the name Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych (TTS). Since then, yacht construction elements such as hulls, decks and floors have been manufactured here. In 2006, the company joined the HanseYachts capital group. The steadily increasing demand for the products led to the factory being moved to a new location in the Goleniów Industrial Park in Łozienica in 2008. A specially adapted, modern production hall for the manufacture of laminates was built there. As a result, our employees work under safe conditions and at the same time protect the environment.  The last few years of our work have been characterised by continuous development. Two warehouses were built in Łozienica, a laboratory and a design studio were expanded.

In 2015 and 2021, we also built two more production halls, where the assembly work for the final finishing of the yachts ready for sale is carried out.  Currently, we offer lamination, yacht fittings as well as the assembly of water, electrical and gas installations, engines, navigation and steering equipment and other equipment required for a yacht. Currently, six yacht models of the Dehler, SEALINE and RYCK brands are manufactured entirely in Łozienica. This means that they can be delivered directly from there to the customer or dealer. The dynamic development and the great interest in the products lead, among other things, to a significant increase in jobs. 

The year 2022 marks another milestone: as a long-standing member of HanseYachts AG, the company name was changed to HanseYachts Sp. z o. o. to underline its affiliation to the group.

Qualified employee
Qualified employee
Qualified employee

A highly skilled workforce

HanseYachts AG employs an annual average of around 1,500 people. Of these, almost 20% are salaried employees and more than 80% are industrial workers. In the Greifswald region (Germany), HanseYachts AG is one of the largest employers.

example yacht design | HanseYachts AG

World-renowned design offices

HanseYachts AG collaborates with a number of world-renowned nautical designers of yachts. Bill Dixon (Dixon Design), Patrick Banfield (Allseas Design) and judel/vrolijk & co are established names in the world of yachting and lend the various models of the individual brands their own distinctive appearance. In these close partnerships, we develop yachts in line with our philosophy: “Breaking rules. Setting trends”.

Press Event Paris | HanseYachts AG
Own development department

Own development locations

One of HanseYachts AG’s biggest strengths is that we have our own development team as well as our own model and mould construction team. A team comprising 40 designers, engineers and technicians, all of whom are consummate masters in their fields and possess many years of experience. Our teams work alongside renowned yacht designers to create sailing yachts and motor yachts with a focus on quality and function – from the interior fittings and deck layout to the engine and air-conditioning system. Two in-house, five-axle CNC mills turn our virtual models into reality and are capable of machining components measuring up to 6 by 16 metres. High quality yacht-building starts by only using the best tools.

As a new design and development centre, the Baltic Design Institute in Szczecin complements the development department at HanseYachts AG's headquarters and offers additional expertise in the sectors of yacht design and structural dimensioning. The team of highly qualified employees has many years of international professional experience in yacht design as well as in the marine industry. The close cooperation of all development instances enables the creation of new, forward-looking products.

Premium suppliers

In addition to the components that we produce in-house, we also enlist the services of premium suppliers. We use engines from Volvo, Yanmar and Mercury; navigation electronics from B&G, Garmin and Raymarine; sails from Elvström and Quantum; heating systems from Eberspächer and Webasto; masts from Seldén and Z Spars; fittings from Harken and Lewmar; and running rigging from Liros. When HanseYachts AG selects its suppliers, three factors are non-negotiable: high quality, reliable deliveries with consistent quality and comprehensive after-sales service for end customers.

 Premium suppliers | HanseYachts AG

Six brands with their own unique characters – united under the roof of HanseYachts AG. Each brand operates independently on the market, but benefits from the pooled development and production technology of one of the world’s leading yacht-builders. Watch our film to find out more about the six brands of HanseYachts AG.