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The all-new RYCK 280

First impressions matter. Not just on a first date, but also when it comes to buying a boat. The design has to be right. That's why we engaged the renowned yacht designer Bill Dixon to develop the open RYCK 280, alongside Hanse’s own in-house development team. The result is styling that will touch everyone. The reverse bow alone signals dynamism and sportiness, supported by the windscreen and the black T-top, which shades the stylish helm station. From here, the RYCK 280 is operated via touchscreen controls. Aft, in the large step less cockpit, the open boat offers enough space for anglers, divers, and water skiers to store and deploy their gear or — in a different layout — for families and friends to relax and sunbathe. Below deck is a luxurious, light-flooded cabin with a veritable wet room, wardrobe and a double bed. Here, the raised foredeck creates a sense of space and volume. It makes the RYCK 280 a fully-fledged weekender, ready for wonderful two- or three-day trips. By the way, you can visit any cruising ground you like, because the RYCK 280 is trailerable and can follow you wherever you want to enjoy your next break.

9.51 0 m LOA
350 0 HP Power
2.81 0 m BEAM

Speed & Performance

Cruise & Swim

Trips & Weekends

Fish & Barbecue

Surf & Fun

Dive & Climb

Your lifestyle
Your RYCK 280

Whatever you plan to do with your RYCK, there is a suitable layout for you. Each motorboat is tailored to the owner, so you can determine every necessary detail in advance. In order to make the selection process a bit easier, we have developed six configurations for the RYCK 280 suited to different activities: SPEED & PERFORMANCE, CRUISE & SWIM, DIVE & CLIMB, FISH & BARBECUE, TRIPS & WEEKEND and SURF & FUN. It means that the broad capabilities of a RYCK run from an adrenaline-charged diving trip to offshore fishing or a cosy weekend in the bay. No matter how you use your RYCK 280, there is a solution for every owner. Of course, all our features can also be freely combined. There's only one RYCK 280 like this: yours.

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A cool companion

What makes a RYCK 280 so special, what distinguishes it from other boats? First of all, its design has all-round appeal. It's sporty, it's cool, it's contemporary. Turn the ignition key, and you can be sure of admiring glances in the marina. Push the throttle forward, and you instantly feel the power of the RYCK 280. It accelerates decisively, its hull cutting smoothly through the sea to give you and your guests the feeling of freedom that is only possible on the water. You can inspect the most hidden corners on a RYCK 280, and you will still see the extraordinary build quality — this standard is guaranteed by HanseYachts AG with its decades of experience. And then a RYCK 280 also adapts to its lifestyle. Whether you go swimming or fishing, island hopping in Greece or for a voyage of discovery in the far north — you can do it all in a RYCK 280. It is also luxurious and offers great comfort for every use. Your RYCK 280 is always ready. Ready if you are. It is an investment in your quality of life.

Who we are

Behind the RYCK brand stands HanseYachts AG — one of the world's largest and most successful manufacturers of sailing and motor yachts. RYCK, founded in 2021, is the third motorboat brand in the HanseYachts portfolio and, like all deliveries from the Greifswald shipyard, bears the “Made in Germany” stamp. Since its foundation in 1990, HanseYachts AG has developed into the international benchmark in series yacht construction, enjoying an excellent reputation among owners worldwide and delivering outstanding quality at competitive prices. The RYCK brand was developed in collaboration with the renowned British yacht designer Bill Dixon. With high standards of design and equipment, it is aimed at active water sports enthusiasts. With a RYCK, customers not only purchase an extremely contemporary boat, but also enjoy the after-sales support of a large shipyard, backed by a reliable, worldwide dealer network.

Why is the brand called RYCK?

HanseYachts AG is clearly committed to its location in Greifswald on the Baltic Sea. Here the company was founded, built up and formed into one of the most renowned shipyards in the world. The test conditions are ideal, and the boat building tradition of the region also contributes in a large part to the quality of HanseYachts products.

Chief Sales Officer Dr. Jens Gerhardt says: “The very name of HanseYachts AG comes from the extremely successful alliance of the Hanseatic League, in which Greifswald also figured. We carry on the shipping, trade and boatbuilding traditions of this city and continue to develop them. The first body of water that the new boats of RYCK Yachts will sail is the Ryck. Via this river, our boats not only reach the Greifswalder Bodden as part of the Baltic Sea, they are also sold all over the world. The choice of name closes a further circle for us, because it is a declaration of loyalty by HanseYachts to this region.

Where does the stylish RYCK design come from?

Bill Dixon is one of the most famous and best respected yacht designers in the world. His signature is borne by countless boats and large yachts — and now also the RYCK 280. He comments on his design as follows: “Our focus and challenge in developing the RYCK 280 was to find a balance between the open layout of a day cruiser, the integration of a comfortable cabin and a stylish, sporty design. The design distinguishes three areas: the covered steering position, the voluminous cockpit with optional grill, and the large sun lounge in the bow. All around, a high bulwark provides the necessary sense of security. Due to the raised deck in the forecastle, we were able to create more room in the cabin. The sense of space is very good, as is the fit-out with large double bed, plenty of storage space and large wet area. A variety of functions round off the unique design of the RYCK 280.


We developed the RYCK because we believe that today's owners should not adapt to the boat, but the boat to its owner. RYCK models are all-rounders with a degree of customisation usually seen in much larger yachts, yet all packed into a 28ft (8.53 m) LOA. The RYCK 280 has a contemporary, sporty design that will still be in vogue after many years. The multitude of features available on board will inspire every owner because the RYCK was developed by motorboat drivers for motorboat drivers. RYCK’s parent company, HanseYachts AG, guarantees high manufacturing quality as well as a worldwide network of experienced dealers offering excellent after-sales service.

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