Many of the most beautiful rock faces and dive grounds are not on the doorstep, but you can discover them with this RYCK 280. The layout of the Dive & Climb RYCK 280 is specially designed for the adventurers among water sports enthusiasts. Its interior cabin can be used to store extensive equipment. And on deck, we have taken care to free up as many square metres of deck space as possible. The stylish T-top serves as sun protection, while the telescopic bathing ladder gives easy access to the water. A wet bar with integrated grill provides for culinary highlights, while your choice of refreshments wait in the fridge.

Good to know that you can head unerringly for the best diving and climbing spots with the help of modern navigation electronics in the glass bridge. So not a minute of your valuable free time is lost.

powerboat, weekender, daycruiser, outboard, sunroof, cockpit
motorboat, daycruiser, cockpit, bbq, wetbar, helm, t-top
powerboat, weekender, daycruiser, cockpit, helm, t-top, railing, bridge
powerboat, weekender, daycruiser, bow, hull, underwater, railing, t-top, sunroof
motorboat, daycruiser, bow, bowsprit, cruising, hull, speed
powerboat, weekender, daycruiser, hull, speed, cruising, bow
powerboat, weekender, daycruiser, outboard, bathing platform, launchpad
powerboat, weekender, daycruiser, underwater, t-top, sunroof, hull, outboard
motorboat, daycruiser, deck, hull, speed, cruising, t-top
powerboat, weekender, daycruiser, cruising, underwater, light
RYCK 280 Dive and Climb
RYCK 280 Dive and Climb
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