RYCK 280 Dive & Climb

Dive & climb

Many of the most beautiful rock walls and diving sites are not in sight, but you can drive this RYCK 280 to discover them. The layout of the "Diving and Rock Climbing" type RYCK 280 is specially designed for water sports enthusiasts who love adventure. The internal cabin can be used to store various equipment. On the deck, we try our best to free up as much deck space as possible. The stylish T-shaped canopy can be used as sun protection, and the water can be easily entered through the telescopic swimming ladder. The bar is equipped with a barbecue grill for you to enjoy delicious dishes, and your favorite refreshing drinks are stored in the refrigerator.

Using modern navigation electronics on the glass bridge, you can reach the best diving and rock climbing locations without any errors. Make sure you can make the most of every minute of leisure time.

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powerboat, weekender, daycruiser, underwater, t-top, sunroof, hull, outboard
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RYCK 280 Dive and Climb
RYCK 280 Dive and Climb
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