Dehler 30 one design is "Boat of the Year 2022".

Best offshore racer of the year

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Dehler 30 one design is “Boat of the Year 2022”.

The Dehler 30 one design has captivated ambitious offshore sailors worldwide. Already honored with renowned international awards, she continues to attract the attention of journalists from respected sailing magazines. After the US Sailboat Show, the editors of the American Sailing World magazine also took the opportunity to test the racer-cruiser as part of the “Boat of the Year 2022” award off the coast of Annapolis, Maryland. Thrilled by the experience, the jury awarded the Dehler 30 od the title of “Best Offshore Racer” all thanks to her sophisticated design for efficient maneuvers, her outstanding build quality as well as her high-performance sailing behavior.

“The boat is so well integrated with the design and construction — from bow to stern. It hits its design purpose spot on. It’s a complete small offshore one-design, and it’s obvious there was a lot of development required to get things so right.”
Greg Stewart, Sailing World

"This delivered the best sailing experience of all of the boats we tested. It was easy to tack and jibe, it tracked great, it’s easy to get to the sail controls, and we had no problems whatsoever with wiping out — and we tried hard a few times."
Chuck Allen, Sailing World

We are celebrating the award and continue to be excited with the Dehler 30 one design's successful course.