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Sprinta 70 The sailing world has been waiting for this for a long time.

For a new Dehler yacht, with a size somewhere between the successful VARIANTA and DELANTA models. For the "in between" yacht. It's finally here. The SPRINTA 70. The SPRINTA 70 is not only a valuable addition to the Dehler range, but is also a new highlight. Modern styling, a new concept, well thought-out down to the smallest detail. The SPRINTA 70 impresses. The SPRINTA 70 is also an extremely safe yacht. Safe thanks to easy operation. The halyards led to the cockpit, the practical turning jib with the simple option of reefing the headsail too, the newly developed quick reefing system, which enables quick and safe reefing from the cockpit, all of these features are what make sailing with the SPRINTA 70 so safe. This schematic drawing shows how you can ensure that you are always using the correct sail positions for wind forces between 3 and 7 on the SPRINTA 70 without the time-consuming process of changing sails, simply by reefing the mainsail and the turning jib. Sprinta 70 / Yacht 21/1977 "Because the design office from Holland didn't have to consider any form of racing formula, a boat was created which looks good, with a full U-frame and an almost yawl-like underwater hull. … We were particularly impressed by the sail handling. Not only that the halyards are operated in the cockpit – the reefing of the mainsail also takes place from here both easily and reliably. On a Sprinta, crew members therefore rarely need to work on the forward cabin. We believe this makes a significant contribution to safety …The furnishings below deck are also clearly the product of careful planning, which means that the available space is used effectively."


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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler

YACHT 161979.pdf

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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