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MyDehler   Safety Cloud

Trend-setting technology for more service, safety and fun while sailing

Dehler yachts combine elegance, fast and safe sailing with modern navigation electronics. Take your yachting experience to the next level by equipping your new vessel with the My Safety Cloud hardware – available as an option in the yacht configurator, and including a 30-day free trial subscription.

The MyDehler Safety Cloud hardware is connected to your on-board electronics and communicates via worldwide cellular networks. If your Dehler yacht is on the high seas, your data is saved then and processed as soon as it is back in an area of cell reception. No data can thus be lost. For older Dehler models, a MyDehler Safety Cloud retrofitting package is available in the web shop or via the Dehler dealer.

The MyDehler Safety Cloud offers yacht owners a total of nine features, which increase service, safety and fun on board significantly.

Sensors monitor all important devices


monitor all important devices

Has enough drinking water been bunkered? Is the diesel tank still full? Are the batteries fully charged? With the MyDehler Safety Cloud, tank and battery levels can effortlessly be checked via smartphone. Dehler owners can prepare their sailing trips perfectly at all times and from all locations – and enjoy them laid-back.

Sensors monitor all important devices and battery levels on board. If critical values are fallen short of, the MyDehler Safety Cloud triggers an alarm. Dehler owners are informed via push notification to their smartphone and can therefore react instantaneously.

Engine data (speed, temperature, operating hours), levels of engine and service batteries, shore power, plotter data (e.g. wind force and direction) and the bilge pump are being recorded by default. As soon as the bilge pump starts up, the Dehler owner instantly receives a push notification to his smartphone.

Optionally, some Dehler yachts are fitted with CZone digital switching. Filling levels of fresh water and diesel fuel are additionally recorded here.

Trips the digital eLogBook


the digital eLogBook

Whether short trip or long voyage, the eLogBook logs every travelled sea mile automatically. It registers the position of the yacht, its course, its speed over ground, and much more. All this information is electronically saved, so the Dehler owner has access to it at all times. Gap less documentations of all trips can be created with this data, but also damages can be perfectly documented or reconstructed. In addition, the data filing, there is also a “share” feature, with which day trips and sailing performance can be shared on social media platforms.

Alerts everything under control


everything under control

The “alert“ feature of the MyDehler Safety Cloud provides alarm notifications for battery, bilge, shore power, anchor, and more. At any time and any place. Unpleasant surprises are thus prevented, such as a non-functioning fridge that has inadvertently been separated from the shore power connection. Nothing stands in the way of a relaxed trip.

The “collision detection“ feature informs Dehler owners about collisions at the berth. If another yacht collides with a Dehler during a parking maneuver, the owner automatically receives a push notification to his smartphone. In the event of damage, an immediate reaction is therefore possible, as location and time of the accident are directly registered via sensors and documented by the MyDehler Safety Cloud.

The “geofencing“ feature allows a virtual fence to be drawn around the Dehler yacht. There are two options: The anchor alert informs the Dehler owner immediately via push notification if the yacht leaves its previously defined radius of 15 up to 100 meters.

The second option can be compared to an anti-theft alarm system. If the Dehler leaves her previously defined geographical position, the owner automatically receives an alert notice to his smartphone and can react instantly. Compared to the anchor alert, this option is more tolerant and allows minor changes in position within a port or marina.

Manuals accessible via smartphone


accessible via smartphone

How to change the impeller? Where to check the engine’s oil gauge? How to delete GPS waypoints within the last sailing trip? The answers to these questions are only a few clicks away for Dehler owners. Whether at sea or on land.

Space-depriving paperwork? Heavy documentations? In the MyDehler Safety Cloud, the manuals and operating instructions for all on board devices and components are electronically deposited. Access to this information is possible via smartphone at all times and from all places.

Maintenance exactly when necessary


exactly when necessary

How many hours has the yacht sailed? How many hours was she under motor? When were the sea cocks and the anodes checked last? And how old are the Sail drive cuffs? The answers to these questions are provided by the eService Book of the MyDehler Safety Cloud.

The relevant information regarding all built-in parts and components is deposited in the app, as well as their maintenance intervals, especially those of engine and batteries. If any part needs to be exchanged or serviced, the Dehler owner receives a push notification on his smartphone. A service appointment can also be made with the responsible or the closest Dehler dealer directly via the app.

The eService Book is automatically kept up-to-date and every Dehler yacht is therefore constantly with full service history in the case of a sale. While maintenance and repair works have generally been inconveniently documented in the form of paper receipts, now the MyDehler Safety Cloud delivers a gap less service history in electronic form at the press of a button. This is a key advantage during the resale process of a Dehler yacht, as all receipts are constantly accessible from any place. During the hand-over or change of ownership, all collected information can be transferred to another MyDehler Safety Cloud account.

Shop and Parts always available

Shop and Parts

always available

The new shop feature has been activated within the MyDehler Safety Cloud in October 2020. The Dehler owner can simply order equipment, accessories and spare parts via his smartphone. As all important information about the respective Dehler yacht is deposited in the MyDehler Safety Cloud, false orders are practically impossible. Specifically, only original spare parts with manufacturer’s warranty, which exactly fit the built-in components on the particular Dehler yacht, are orderable.

Insurance provided by Pantaenius


provided by Pantaenius

In time for the one-year anniversary of HanseYachts AG’s cross-brand Safety Cloud, a service-oriented partnership has been agreed upon with yacht insurer Pantaenius. From now on, Safety Cloud users can comfortably get non-binding tailored offers directly via the app. Upon closing, the insurance coverage is instantly in place. The territory of application and any value improving measures on the boat can be adjusted anytime and from any place.

When a yacht insurance is effected, the special coverage of Engine Protect Plus is complimentary during the first year and covers operating errors and potential damages after incorrect refueling.

As soon as a Dehler yacht is delivered exported or handed over by a dealer, all specific information regarding model, country-specific features, equipment etc. are already available. This saves all owners the time-consuming process of inputting information into the app.

Switch Control light on demand

Switch Control

light on demand

The switch control in the MyDehler Safety Cloud allows, among others, to switch on or off any light on board the yacht, simply via the smartphone. No more searching for light switches in the dark after returning from a dinner on land. No more stumbling on deck after the nightly shopping trip in the marina.

In all Dehler models with CZone digital switching, several light switches can additionally be linked on board. The yacht’s entire lighting system can thus be switched on or off with only one click. There is also an optional possibility to turn on or off any electrical devices on board with the switch control.

Report Issue stay in touch

Report Issue

stay in touch

The “report issue“ feature in the MyDehler Safety Cloud offers a direct contact to the respective dealer via a chat. Dehler owners’ questions can thereby be replied to quickly and without complications. For a better understanding, pictures that have been taken with the smartphone can be attached.

Download   MySafetyCloud

Is your boat already equipped with MySafetyCloud hardware? Simply download the MySafetyCloud app from your app store. Getting started is as easy as scanning the supplied QR-Code. MySafetyCloud is also accessible from your web browser.

   Download MySafetyCloud app for ios  Download MySafetyCloud app for android 

Non-Hardware Equipped Models

All manuals and diagrams are still available inside the MySafetyCloud app for no additional cost. As an added perk, owners of non-hardware equipped models now have the ability to order spare parts directly from their smartphone. All that you need to do is download the app and register an account.

Upgrade for more features and support

You may purchase an upgrade kit and have it installed. Models upgraded with Safety Cloud hardware support all digital sensor data and the features which take advantage of that data.