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Guarantee for safety - the Dehler Safety Cloud

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A field report by Inspiration Marine from Hamble Point Marina near Southampton in southern England.

The new Safety Cloud has proved invaluable during the harbor closures in the wake of the Corona crisis.
We are able to monitor battery voltages, shore power connections and the locations of 14 boats from a single screen. We can share this information with clients so that they can sit back and relax, knowing that their boat is safe and well protected. For example, if we receive a message via the Safety Cloud that shore power has been interrupted on one of the yachts, we can react immediately and send an employee directly to the affected boat – without having to check all the boats permanently in person. Another useful tool is the geo-fence, which allows us to see when boats are being moved within the harbor or are illegally leaving the mooring.
Andy Locke,
Commissioning & After sales Manager
Inspiration Marine Group
All our new boats leaving the shipyard are already equipped with the Safety Cloud, including the described and other useful features. If you wish to upgrade your boat with the Safety Cloud, please contact your dealer.