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Delanta 75 The DELANTA is available in two versions. The DELANTA 75. And the DELANTA 80.

But both have the same origin: The same hull. The same keel. The same rig. The same sails. (This is an example of what we refer to as a modular system.) They have different lengths (due to the different shape of the stern) and different fittings concepts. But both are still typical Dehler yachts: The concept is well thought-out, perfect down to the smallest detail and full of new ideas. Everything we are used to from the SPRINTA 70 also applies for the DELANTA: The modern hull form. The ideal length-to-width ratio. The high dimensional stability and high initial stability. The high ballast ratio. And the good longitudinal stability, which gives the DELANTA such outstanding properties, particularly on open sea. This goes hand in hand with the outstanding course stability and maneuverability, which enables every DELANTA to be turned >on the spot<. We offer two furnishings concepts for the DELANTA. The dinette is a typical feature of the DELANTA 75. It is located on the starboard side of the DELANTA 75. The wide-deck concept means that the entire width of the ship is used, the DELANTA 75 is therefore extremely spacious and generously sized, even below deck. There are many advantages to the dinette. We have therefore decided to fit it in the DELANTA 75. It offers many advantages for a sailing yacht of this size: The available space can be used optimally. And there is still always a free passage to the forward cabin. In practice, life on board is extremely important. The dinette offers space for many occasions. Not only is it an extremely comfortable place to sit. There is also space for the navigator on the large dinette table. And the lady on board can also show off a well-set table. At night, the dinette can be quickly converted into a double berth. For sleeping, the table can be lowered to the height of the seats, the backrests are simply laid flat on the table surface (where they fit exactly), and the comfortable double berth is ready. And there is another surprise, as we have what seems to be the pantry on the port side. But it houses another settee berth. Bed number 3. Berths 4 and 5 are located in the spacious forward cabin. Separated with a wardrobe on the port side and the on-board toilet on the starboard side. And where is the pantry? The large amount of space in the cabin of the DELANTA 75 has been created with the positioning of the "hidden" pantry. The entire pantry section is arranged under the port side seat thwart in the cockpit. To use the pantry, it can simply be unlocked and lifted out. A single action is all it takes. Then you have everything at hand: A large sink with 60-l drinking water tank, a double burner spirit stove (gas stove available on request, then the entire thing is a single-unit sink-stove combination made from stainless steel). This includes the 20-piece Ornamin crockery set included as standard in a special compartment, a cutlery drawer and a compartment for glasses, which are also accessible with the pantry pushed in. Everything you need - easily accessible from the front - under the port side berth. As with other Dehler yacht models, the waste bag is hooked under the hatchway step. As you can see, we have once again come up with a wealth of features in this version of the tried-and-tested DELANTA to make your decision to purchase the DELANTA an easy one. We believe that the DELANTA makes an ideal alternative to the DELANTA 80 with the dinette and the "hidden" pantry. The cockpit and the area below deck look completely different in the DELANTA 80.


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YACHT 1973.pdf

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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