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Dehler 36cws The revolution in yacht building: Dehler 36cws

The Dehler 36cws was the beginning of the future. From the masthead to the bottom of the keel, the Dehler 36cws with improved, well thought-out ideas is a true ship of the 1990s. What can you expect? More innovation. More superior technology. More safety. More speed. All in all: more sailing fun. We achieved this with a hull in composite design. A high-performance 7/8 rig with twin-spreader without running backstays. There is no need for heavy headsails. The fully battened mainsail offers better trimming, easier reefing, improved safety and increased speed. The setting and hauling of the sail is better and easier with the main-drop system. Every turn is carried out easily with the self-turning jib with reefing system - which means that the Dehler 36cws manages perfectly well with just one sail set for every type of weather. An adjustable hoist mechanism enables a top genoa, a top spinnaker or a 70% spinnaker. With this small number of extra sails, you'll be the king of the seas. The new central winch system carries out the hard work with sheets, hailyards and other ropes with astonishing ease. Van de Stadt drew the ship with a long waterline - because length runs. The elliptical rudder and the upside down keel work real aqua-dynamic miracles. The ship has low water resistance values and higher righting moments. Below deck, the Dehler 36cws sets new standards with its luxurious, light-flooded saloon in pearl-white ash and gray Kalico leather. The 2.50m long kitchenette and generously sized double cabins with separate washing rooms leave nothing to be desired. With the revolutionary technology in the Dehler 36cws, you will be sailing a racy and luxurious yacht in all conditions. Dehler 36 cws / Yacht 21/1988 "We received the prototype and were impressed with the sailing characteristics and handling. Stable 4 Beaufort with trough gusts meant that we could pull out all the stops with the ship. It was clear that the system with the centrally positioned large winch works perfectly. Of course, Willi Dehler also came up with other things that set this ship apart from the masses in addition to the central winch. These include the indirect lighting, lit hatchway steps, carpet in recesses and a corner cabinet for a music system and TV. So, is the latest ship from Dehler a revolution? Hardly. The 36 is more of a return to good sense, combined with technological progress. It is also a clear rejection of the IOR formula. The ship solves crew-related problems in particular, as women and children can carry out the work on the winches, which would otherwise require strength, while the skipper can man the helm and gaze into the infinite distance." 6/2011 "The cws system was the centerpiece and namesake of the new Dehler series and something of a gimmick with regard to solo sailing. For the first time, it enabled the helmsman to operate all trimming devices directly from the steering position. At the touch of a button, long before the button-operated trimming system from craftsmen Wally. Owner Gerd Janssen now takes a slightly more sober view of the system, which was extremely impressive it its day: Of course, the E-winch has helped me a lot if my wife happened to be taking a siesta while sailing."" But you also have to take into account the enormous power of the engine, ""Easy does it! So I also often winch by hand."" In conclusion: The Dehler 36cws was a trendsetting development in the field of boat building in many respects."


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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler


Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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