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Navigating Life with Dehler: The Stories of Ralf, László, and Kenn

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Our winners of the Dehler Owner Story Contest

The world of Dehler is a captivating realm where enthusiasts of all backgrounds and ages find themselves drawn to the call of the open sea, each with their unique tales of devotion and adventure. In this article, we present the stories of the winners of the Dehler Owner Story Contest - Ralf, László, and Kenn. Join us and  discover the profound impact that Dehler boats have had on their lives. Their journeys are a testament to the enduring allure of the open water, the joy of forging connections with family and friends, and the legacy of adventure that continues to beckon. 

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Always Dehler on the Trailer: Ralfs Passion for Dehler boats

In the world of sailing, enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, but few have a dedication to a particular brand quite like Ralf. For him, it's always been about Dehler. From regional recreational regattas to coastal adventures, Ralf's journey in the world of sailing has been punctuated by his unwavering love for Dehler boats.

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Ralf's sailing odyssey began with the charming Dehler K4. This sailboat, known for its nimbleness and agility, was the perfect vessel for Ralf and his daughter to explore regional recreational regattas. The K4 wasn't just a racing machine; it was a companion on family holidays, hitched up behind the motorhome, ready to embark on new adventures at a moment's notice. One notable event in Ralf's sailing career was his participation in the NRW Cup in Lelystad, showcasing his passion for competitive sailing.

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As the years went by, Ralf sought a more stable and comfortable sailing experience to accommodate his wife's preferences. Enter the Dehler SPRINTA 70, a sailboat that would become a faithful companion for numerous vacations. From the picturesque canals of Amsterdam to the serene waters of Delfzijl and the captivating Danish South Seas, Ralf and his wife explored it all. The boat also became a regular contender during the "Rhine Week" races, proving that Dehler's craftsmanship and sailing capabilities were second to none. Today, the SPRINTA-70 is still in their possession, serving as a cherished second boat on the Sechs-Seenplatte in Duisburg – a sanctuary during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Four years ago, Ralf and his wife embarked on their latest sailing adventure by acquiring a Dehler28 with a mooring in Stavoren, Netherlands. Their decision to live aboard for three months as privateers this summer showcased the boat's comfort and practicality. The experience was so enjoyable that they plan to take it a step further next year, aiming to top their adventure in the scenic Rügen area.

Ralf's unwavering loyalty to Dehler boats can be attributed to several factors:

  • Excellent Workmanship and High Durability: Dehler's reputation for meticulous craftsmanship and durable construction has stood the test of time. Ralf's boats have weathered numerous voyages and remain in excellent condition.
  • Very Good Sailing Characteristics: Dehler boats are known for their exceptional sailing performance. Their design and engineering make them a pleasure to sail, whether you're racing in regattas or cruising leisurely along the coast.
  • Safe Handling Even "Single-Handed": Dehler's focus on user-friendly features ensures that even solo sailors like Ralf can handle their boats comfortably from the cockpit. This enhances safety and ease of use during all types of sailing adventures.

Ralf's journey as a Dehler enthusiast is a testament to the enduring appeal of these remarkable boats. From the agile K4 to the comfortable SPRINTA-70 and the modern Dehler28, his experiences have been filled with adventure, joy, and a profound appreciation for Dehler's quality. As Ralf and his wife continue to explore new horizons with their beloved Dehler boats, their mantra remains unchanged: "Always Dehler on the trailer."

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From Novice to Skipper: László and Nati

Sailing is more than just a hobby for many; it's a lifelong passion that ignites the spirit and fosters a deep connection with the sea and the wind. For László from Hungary, his love affair with sailing began later in life, at the age of 59, but it has since become an integral part of his identity. He has shared his remarkable journey with his beloved boat "Nati" with us,  a Dehler Delanta manufactured in 1976.

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László sailing odyssey commenced in 2015 when a friend offered him an opportunity that he couldn't resist—an invitation to sail on Lake Balaton, Hungary's largest lake. The boat of choice was "Nati," a Dehler Delanta with a rich history. Setting sail from the marina, they turned off the engine, and surrendered to the whims of the wind. László's friend started teaching him sailing, and after several outings, he entrusted him with the helm, saying he could take the boat out anytime solo. The feeling of accomplishment and relaxation was palpable, and in September 2015, László proudly passed his sailing exam.

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The newfound passion for sailing were so compelling that when his friend decided to sell the boat in 2019, László couldn't resist. "Nati" became his own, and he embarked on a journey to explore her history. Over the time she quickly proved her mettle. In the Yardstick III group, he achieved remarkable results in various competitions. For example in the prestigious Kékszalag race, Europe's oldest and longest-distance lake-circumnavigation race for sailing boats, he secured both 1st and 3rd places. In the Hungarian Sailing Federation YS Trophy 2022, László ranked 32nd out of 93 registered boats, showcasing his prowess on the water.

A magnificent blue sailboat named "Nadi" gracefully rests at anchor, exuding an aura of opulence and elegance on the tranquil waters.
Bask in the opulence of a breathtaking sunset over the tranquil waters, as the Nati sailboat rests at anchor.

With her 47 years "Nati" stands as a testament to excellent maintenance and care by her previous owners. With mostly original parts and equipment, she remains remarkably stable and capable of handling strong winds. László even contemplated taking her to the Adriatic Sea—a testament to the boat's reliability. She isn't just a sailboat; she's a source of cherished memories for family and friends. László's sailing adventures primarily involve his close-knit group of friends, numbering eight in total. They navigate Lake Balaton and the Adriatic Sea, exploring the beauty of Croatian islands and Italian waters. László also invests in sail and rigging inspections, always aiming for peak performance. The boat's equipment list boasts numerous improvements, from autopilot to instruments and winches, enhancing the sailing experience.

The journey with "Nati" is a testament to the enduring allure of sailing. Despite starting later in life, his passion has propelled him to remarkable achievements in both racing and cruising. "Nati" is not just a boat; it's a vessel of dreams, a repository of memories, and a symbol of László's unwavering passion for the open water.

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Kenn and His Beloved Boat "Jester": A Journey of Family, Adventure, and Legacy

In 1998, Kenn embarked on a lifelong journey with his trusty companion “Jester”, a Dehler yacht that has been a constant source of joy, adventure, and cherished memories. Over the years, Kenn and his family have raced, cruised, and explored the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, from the shores of Maine to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. Through the decades, Jester has not only been a sailboat but a conduit for love of the ocean, bonding with family and friends, and making unforgettable memories. 

A magnificent Dehler yacht named Jester glides gracefully through the water, adorned with a joyful family enjoying a luxurious sailboat adventure.

"We bought Jester new in 1998 and continue to sail her. We have raced, cruised from Maine to The Bahamas while introducing sailing and a love of the ocean to our three kids. Now introducing the grandkids to her. All along with too many upgrades to count," says Kenn, reminiscing about the incredible journey he has had with his yacht. His loyalty to his boat has defied the norms of boat ownership. While many boat owners typically upgrade every few years, Kenn's response to his broker's surprise was simple, "Why would I? This boat has been everything we ever needed." Jester has proven herself to be fast, easy to sail, and comfortable for cruising. It's a testament to the enduring quality and satisfaction that Kenn has derived from his beloved yacht.

Joining the adventure on the Dehler yacht Jester, a woman and her two boys sail together, holding onto a rope, cherishing their family time at sea.
A couple enjoys a peaceful sail on the Dehler yacht Jester, taking in the stunning views of the ocean.
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A serene sunset scene: The Dehler yacht Jester rests peacefully on a calm river, its sailboat silhouette beautifully illuminated.

Jester has called the South Shore Yacht Club (SSYC) in Weymouth, Massachusetts, her home port since day one. It has served as the perfect base for Kenn's numerous sailing adventures along the East Coast. They had a full schedule of racing events and he also took part in specialty races like the Chapman Cup and The Great Chase Race. However, since retiring in 2017, Kenn and his wife, Jo, have shifted their focus to more leisurely cruises. They now prefer to enjoy the comfort of their boat and the beauty of the ocean without the pressures of competitive racing. Sailing has always been a family affair for him. When his children were younger, they joined him on countless sailing trips. Now, the grandkids are the newest members of the sailing crew, with Kenn and Jo introducing them to the joy of cruising. 

Joining the good times on the Dehler yacht Jester, three individuals are happily seated at a table, indulging in food and drinks.

One of the standout features of Jester that Kenn loves the most is its exceptional sailing performance. It's a sailboat that can easily be handled by a small crew while offering the flexibility to adapt to various wind conditions. Additionally, its solid and well-built construction provides Kenn and his family with the confidence they need while exploring the open waters. Jester's functional interior ensures that the journey is as comfortable as it is exhilarating.

Experience the thrill of sailing with Kenn on the Dehler yacht Jester!

As Kenn looks ahead to the future, he envisions more exciting adventures on the horizon. An extended trip to Maine is on the cards for next year, and another journey to the Bahamas remains a tantalizing possibility. With Jester by his side, the possibilities are limitless, and the ocean continues to beckon.