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Sprinta Sport A class of its own

For price-conscious and mobile regatta sailors, Dehler Yachtbau offers Europe's most successful IOR standard boat: the Sprinta Sport. It makes sporty, non-remunerated regatta sailing in boats kitted out with standard equipment fun again. Instead of unscrupulous battles with material, you can experience unadulterated regatta fun in this lively, reliable keel boat. The Sprinta can be trailered with no problems at all; to coasts throughout Europe and to large inland waters. The Sprinta Sport is made according to the latest knowledge in the field of high-performance yacht building. The light metal frame construction laminated into the hull provides optimal longitudinal and transverse rigidity. Kevlar® fabric and Firet® mats provide the necessary stability in the deck and hull. With the Sprinta Sport, Dehler Yachtbau has combined reduced weight with comfortable functionality below deck. This makes long-distance regattas and weekend trips more enjoyable. yachtrevue 7/1978 "Practically perfect, equipped with ample furnishings and the best materials currently affordable in the world of sailing, this modified Sprinta is a perfect example of a modern regatta yacht which has been built with the greatest possible care. The sailing properties that a canny skipper can get out of this boat at any time are – to all intents and purposes – in a class of their own." Sprinta Sport / Yacht 23/1977 "The Sprinta Sport could fulfill the dream of a small standard cruiser. … The concept – an extremely regatta-oriented IOR ship with minimal, yet comfortable furnishings - appeals to ocean sailors and regatta sailors alike ... It is not a boat for beginners. Criticism also comes mainly from this group: The fittings equipment is much too complicated. That is certainly debatable. For practiced sailors, it offers all the features of modern trimming technology. The YACHT test crew experienced this technology first-hand in a test run and were impressed."


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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler


Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013