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Delanta 76, 78, 80 The DELANTA is available in two versions. The DELANTA 75. And the DELANTA 80.

"But both have the same origin: The same hull. The same keel. The same rig. The same sails. (This is an example of what we refer to as a modular system.) They have different lengths (due to the different shape of the stern) and different fittings concepts. But both are still typical Dehler yachts: The concept is well thought-out, perfect down to the smallest detail and full of new ideas. Everything we are used to from the SPRINTA 70 also applies for the DELANTA: The modern hull form. The ideal length-to-width ratio. The high dimensional stability and high initial stability. The high ballast ratio. And the good longitudinal stability, which gives the DELANTA such outstanding properties, particularly on open sea. This goes hand in hand with the outstanding course stability and maneuverability, which enables every DELANTA to be turned >on the spot<. The DELANTA 80 has a completely different design below deck. The layout plan is divided into a main cabin and stern cabin, which offers significant benefits for a four-man crew. Not only for a family crew with children (although the benefits are the most obvious here). It increases the living space and freedom of movement for any crew. The DELANT round sofa sets new standards. One characteristic feature is the spacious round sofa, for which we have reserved the entire width of the ship. After an eventful day of sailing, this is the perfect place for the entire crew to come together. An extremely cozy gathering. With ample space for guests. This is a peaceful place to sit, as the usual passage to the forward cabin is not present on the DELANTA 80. At night, the round sofa transforms into a 2m wide double berth. The backrest is simply folded up, the table lowered and the -canopy bed- is ready. Well equipped pantry. The pantry in angled design is just as generous. With a double burner, gimballed cooker, with a large sink and electric water pump. With a storage compartment for food accessible from above. With ample storage space for cutlery, dishes, pots and pans. And with storage for kitchen utensils. All imaginatively designed and proven in practice. Separate WC and sink. The cubicle for WC and sink is on the starboard side of the DELANTA 80. And here too, there is a sensible arrangement with an appropriate amount of space. The wardrobe under the starboard coaming can also be accessed from here. An ideal solution for optimal use of space. Additional space provided by the aft cabin. The aft cabin is integrated cleverly in the lines so that it is hardly noticeable from the outside. But on the inside, the aft cabin offers ample space. With two wide, 1.95m long berths and full sitting height. With a large linen cupboard. The available space is really impressive. The center cockpit is particularly spacious and extremely safe. The cockpit of the DELANTA 80 is characterized by the steering column with wheel and compass. One of the many new Dehler ideas and a little unusual for a yacht of this size. But there are also benefits here, as experienced skippers know. The effortless handling is particularly noticeable on extremely long trips. Thanks to the wheel control, the DELANTA 80 continues on its course, even if you are required elsewhere on ship. And we know that women sailors also like to >take the wheel<, because the wheel control is particularly easy for them to handle. The steering column is also the perfect place for the compass and the cockpit table. The layout of the DELANTA 80 enables optimal division of the space: With the aft cabin and a round sofa in the main cabin. This is optimal use of the space. Delanta 78 / Yacht 2/1981 ""If it is true that the devil is in the detail, then Willi Dehler has certainly done an outstanding job of driving him out, … The 7.8 meter long ship has an extremely spacious feel below deck, not least because we initially couldn't find the table. We eventually found it under the forward cabin berths, guided smoothly on two rails, a large saloon table can be pulled out here, with a folding leg providing the necessary support, … The Delanta is a sophisticated four-man yacht, well thought-out right down to the smallest detail, The sailing properties are extremely well balanced,"""


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YACHT 1973.pdf

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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