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Dehler 43 cws Introduction to the luxury class

The Dehler 43 cws is the innovative introduction to the 40' to 50' luxury class. It is based on our proven, successful principles of only making safe cruising yachts with extremely good sailing properties, simple and comfortable handling and with a high standard of living comfort below deck in rational, top-class workmanship. The prominent feature of the Dehler 43 cws is the wealth of optimally used space; in the cockpit and on deck thanks to the twin cws system with twin wheel steering, below deck with the separated, clearly assigned functional areas. Dehler 43 cws / Meer & Yachten 1/92 "The sailing characteristics simply had to be outstanding, this was clear in the hull lines which are not restricted by any formula and the division of the sails on the tried-and-tested 7/8 rig with larger jib. And also, of course, through the cooperation with the design company van de Stadt with Cees van Tongeren at the helm. …Thanks to the twin wheel steering, the ship can be kept on course easily from any sitting or standing position, with a clear view ahead … With the 43cws, Dehler Yachtbau has impressively demonstrated that industrial series production is possible without compromising on quality and a comfortable ambiance." Yacht 24/1991 "The electrically driven 46 Lewmar winches hauled everything tight with no problems and the battery capacity (two consumer batteries with 175 Ah each) was available for an entire sailing day, particularly as the motor was also running during the energy-intensive process of setting the mainsail with a luff length of 16.50 meters. … The 43 ft yacht with the sail area of 92 square meters could be handled comfortably by two people. … The principle of a sporty ship combined with easy operation only works if the crew is not required as ballast, but also does not overload the ship with weight in the keel, making it heavy and slow. The solution: The ballast center of gravity is positioned as low as possible. A wing body made from lead has therefore been mounted at the bottom on the cast iron keel."


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Awards & Reviews

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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