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Dehler 39cws Simply outstanding… The flagship with 2 concepts

The Dehler 39 cws is the top product of the new Dehler yacht generation, with an unobtrusive design and equipped with proven outstanding technology. The model combines a modern, contemporary ambiance below deck with the exceptional sailing properties of the new Dehler generation to create a real top yacht. Technology should serve people. The intelligent use of technology on the 39 cws enables problem-free sailing - for small and large crews alike. And the living space below deck also fulfills a variety of different requirements. The spacious owner version can be transformed into a generously sized cruising yacht for a crew of multiple people in just a few steps. The integrated platform on the stern provides safety and comfort at the same time.


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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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