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segeln1/1990 "But, even regarding the stowing of kit bags, there are lots of different opinions regarding the modern interior design of the yacht. But the same design that receives comments like 'plastic-fantastic'‚ or 'that looks like 1st class on the train', has also gained complete acceptance. Dehler took a different path in this respect too. The entire interior is made from plastic. There is not a single visible piece of wood. There are curves everywhere, with the large radii often used in modern interior design. Highly unusual for sailors who can sometimes be somewhat conservative. But we all agree on one thing: There isn't a refrigerator atmosphere, just the opposite, in fact, it is pleasant and cozy below deck." Dehler 36 db / Yacht 18/1990 'Sport Hotel' was the name given to the 36 db with production number 2 by junior manager Karl Dehler, who has already sailed the ship to victory with a silver in a regatta in the IMS class. This name is a fitting description of the concept of the boat: sporty and practical on deck and cozy living below deck. … We sailed this yacht on the Baltic Sea near Damp for five days and had lots of fun. … The measured speeds and height at close reach are … excellent. … The sailing and maneuverability properties of this sea cruiser can only be described as outstanding. … The interior furnishings are functional, practical and easy to clean. Many of the details are reminiscent of a modern coach, an airplane or a … sport hotel. No plush, no Colani, but a tasteful design that comes somewhere in between."


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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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