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Dehler 35 cws Extra space in the cruising yachts sector … in every respect

the 10-1/2 meter yacht! Distinctive, autonomous lines and the introduction to the worldwide patented Dehler CSW system - the abbreviation for ultimate easy handling - the "one-man operation". All halyards and sheets are connected directly to the helmsman through the coaming. Ample living space below deck, forward cabin with full standing height and separate access from deck and much more, and - the innovation: the steering position with integrated instrument panel. Dehler 35 cws / Yacht 24/1993 "The most prominent feature of the boat is the powerful console of the control stand with the so-called "pre-bent" steering wheel. The spokes turn in front of the console, granting unrestricted access and an unobstructed view of the numerous integrated instruments, the compass and the motor switch at the side. … This brilliant invention makes operation much easier for the helmsman and leaves you asking yourself why nobody came up with the idea earlier. … I have to admit that I was skeptical in the beginning with so much concentrated technology around the helmsman. The test runs convinced me that this CWS system offers indisputable advantages … But in particular: It makes sailing more fun!"


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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler

YACHT 2293.pdf

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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