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Dehler 33 Classic / Cruising Concept 33 by Dehler

The 33 Classic The 33 Classic fan loves all things maritime. His preferred color is royal blue and fine woods help to make him feel at home. He is an ambitious skipper with a desire to go on extended sailing trips and to experience comfortable living on board. He expects the same respectable character from his ship which matches his own personal style. The Dehler 33 Classic lives up to these expectations with regard to technology, design and quality interior. The fast hull shines in deep royal blue. On deck, we have carefully crafted teak, a removable stern storage locker, storage space and the skipper seat. Below deck, elegant mahogany, combined with brushed metal and supple upholstery are a delight for owners who are accustomed to comfort. The Dehler 33 Classic is a synthesis of a fast, sporty ship and a maritime cruising yacht which has been turned into a reality. Dehler 33 Cruising Typical Dehler, this version of the new Dehler 33 is particularly family-friendly. The cruising version appeals to cruising sailors, who are looking for a modern ship for extended sailing trips. The timeless outfit and an optimal price/performance ratio go side by side in equal measure. And cruising owners also don't want to compromise on outstanding sailing characteristics. The modern and fresh interior completely reflects the owner's individual ideas of a modern ambiance with regard to the choice of color and material. Smart ideas, like the removable stern storage locker, fulfilling a dual function as storage space and the skipper seat, and the variable division of berths in the aft cabin, which can be altered single-handedly, make the Dehler 33 Cruising a quick and comfortable all-round ship.


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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler


YACHT 2395.pdf

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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