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Dehler 28 Particularly easy to handle.

From zero to sea in three minutes. Our formula for fast, safe sailing is: a 7/8 rig, plus main-drop system, plus fully battened mainsail, plus self-turning jib, plus upside-down keel, plus elliptical rudder, plus the E.G. van de Stadt design team, minus the constraints of any regatta formulas. This formula has been used consistently in the Dehler 28. Thanks to this perfection in sailing technology, the ship is ready to sail with sensational time savings. A crew of two can sail the Dehler 28 safely. Yacht says: “The promised increase in sailing fun has been delivered”. Below deck, the Dehler 28 impresses with new ideas. The comfortable round sofa with the folding backrest in the main cabin creates an impressive amount of space. The use of bright materials and white surfaces gives the saloon an extremely friendly feel. The navigation station is spacious and suitable for work with the ergonomically designed navigator seat. The Dehler 28 stands out clearly from the 28-foot class with its tried-and-tested, trendsetting sailing technology. Dehler 28 / Yacht 1/1988 “In medium to light winds, the Dehler 28 sails extremely fast (it is guaranteed to outclass the competition in broad reach in particular) and can be manoeuvred quickly and easily. We also noticed the latter when using the engine. All in all: The promised increase in sailing fun has been delivered. Regarding the interior: It is white, bright, and friendly and well-thought-out down to the smallest detail. … On the whole, the WC room has a practical design and is easy to keep clean. This was achieved using plastic moulded parts.”


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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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