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Dehler 18 Dehler 18 red riding hood

Red riding hood – the fairytale of sailing fun, for the young and young at heart, who love the experience of sailing above everything else. A wide range of unconventional details make this Judel/Vrolijk design unique. Small – manageable – cosy – good value and sooo smart! Red riding hood / Yacht 3/1994 Once the ship is on its way, the well-profiled keel generates sufficient uplift with the ballast bomb. And the helmsman benefits not only from the outstanding effect of the twin wheel steering, but also from the quick start-up of the boat after tacking. Even during increased heeling, where the extremely broad stern is levered out of the water, red riding hood can be kept on course effectively thanks to the twin wheel steering. It reacts sensitively, but is above all a boat with a cosy character. But to make full use of the sailing potential, you should go out on the side deck, wind levels permitting, and try out the sporty trimming. Only then does red riding hood show its full performance.

Exterior design

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Awards & Reviews

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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler

YACHT 2293.pdf

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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Dehler 18 rig.pdf | Dehler


Dehler 18 rig.pdf

Dehler 18 rig.pdf