Dehler success story goes on at German Inshore Championships

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It seems that Kiel Week and Dehler 35 have a love affair! Again light winds and again 2 start to finish victories for the new Dehler 35 "Hochwürden".

The corrected time gave her a second and two first places. So "Hochwürden" is now in a save leading position with only 5 points. Second boat is a First35 with 19 points.

Skipper Philipp Rotermund of Flensburg reports, that the boat has superb upwind speed and is even faster downwind. "We can always manage to sail in undisturbed winds.", so the helmsman.

Tomorrow there will be a maximum of 2 races in Kiel. A very good chance to bring the title to Dehler Yard in Freienohl!

Unfortunately the smaller Dehler 32 "Sporthotel" suffers from the light winds in a large fleet of 25 competitors.

Congratulations again to the Skipper and the boys!

  1. Hochwürden,           Dehler 35           5 Points
  2. BM Yachting             First 35            19 Points
  3. patent 3                   X 332 s            20 Points