Le penseur - The "Evolution"

Testimonial of Peter Went

"As a world citizen and a passionate sailor, I am concerned about the environment. Initially inspired by Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels, who experimented with a fully autonomous sailing boat, I started to be interested in a catamaran generating its own energy.

After extensive research, I found Torqeedo, a German manufacturer of high-end electrical hybrid propulsion. The idea was to produce energy while sailing in order to recharge the batteries.
Along with solar panels it is now possible to generate a max. of 2,5 kWh which can be stored in four lithium-ion batteries.

In Privilège Marine I found a true partner to make my dream come true. They were excited to adopt such an innovative technology in one of their luxury catamarans. Together with many other customization requests, my dream yacht became finally reality after an exciting process of research, design- and technical specification challenges. "Le Penseur", a Privilège Serie 5, is now proudly equipped with a Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid Drive.

This summer I plan to sail in Europe to get to know it, and install further improvements if necessary. Afterwards I would like to explore the Caribbean or circumnavigate the world."

Más noticias e historias

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