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Drafts of resolutions are conveyed to the members of the supervisory board in writing prior to the respective meetings. The possibility of drafting resolutions by circulation procedure is especially used in cases that are particularly urgent.


Total remuneration for the management board has been fixed at a commensurate level by the supervisory board. Criteria for determining this commensurate level are, in particular, the responsibilities of the respective member of the management board, personal performance, the situation of the economy, the Company’s success and future prospects as well as the usual level of such remuneration in light of that, which is paid in comparable companies and the salary structure otherwise applicable within HanseYachts.

Remuneration for the members of the management board is determined by the supervisory board, which regularly assesses the commensurateness of said remuneration. This remuneration comprises a fixed and a variable component. The variable components are dependent on targets that are determined on a yearly basis. There is a ceiling on the variable components. The variable remuneration component is paid once annually, depending on the results of the past fiscal year relative to achieving the respective targets agreed upon. Furthermore, in cases of extraordinary accomplishments, the supervisory board can grant the management board a special bonus that would also have a ceiling. For the fiscal year reported here, the management board will receive a variable remuneration component. No arrangements have been made for pensions.

In the fiscal year that ended on 30 June 2015, total remuneration for the entire management board, including use of company vehicles and insurance premiums, amounted to EUR 614K (EUR 920K last year). EUR 505K (534K last year) thereof covered fixed salary components and EUR 109 (EUR 386K last year) thereof was paid for variable salary components.

At two-year intervals, the supervisory board reviews total remuneration paid to the management board, considering in particular the earnings situation of HanseYachts AG and the performance of individual members, and adjusts said total remuneration commensurately.

Furthermore, HanseYachts has taken out liability insurance for pecuniary damages for directors and officers (D&O insurance) with a commensurate deductible to be borne by the management-board members themselves.

In the event of revocation of an appointment of a member to the management board, the employment contract, and hence payment of remuneration and other benefits provided by HanseYachts AG, shall end on the date, on which said revocation shall have been received. Should the office as a member of the management board expire or be eliminated due to, or as a result of, a change in corporate form or a restructuring measure, HanseYachts or a legal successor thereof shall have, inter alia, the option of terminating the employment contract of the members of the management board with 6 months notice. If a member of the management board resigns in such a case, any severance payments shall be limited to his or her income for six months. In case of a change of control, within 2 months after it becomes legally binding, the management board shall be entitled to resign by giving 1 month‘s notice and to step down on the date said notice shall expire as well as to demand payment of 12 months salary as compensation for the loss of employment, restricted to a maximum severance payment of their (fixed) remuneration until the regular termination of their contract.

At the general meeting, the chairman of the supervisory board will also inform the shareholders of HanseYachts AG about the basic principles of the remuneration system and any amendments to it.


Remuneration for members of the supervisory board is determined by the shareholders at the general meeting and has been regulated in Article 14 of the Articles of Incorporation of HanseYachts AG. In addition to reimbursement for expenses, first of all each member of the supervisory board receives fixed annual remuneration of EUR 6000, payable at the end of each fiscal year. In addition each member of the supervisory board receives variable remuneration of EUR 50 for each cent, by which consolidated earnings after taxes per share exceed EUR 1.30. The chairman of the supervisory board receives three times the normal fixed and variable remuneration; the vice-chairman and heads of commissions receive two times the above-mentioned amounts. For the fiscal year reported here, as in previous years, the supervisory board has not received any variable remuneration components.


With one exception, the members of the management and supervisory boards of HanseYachts AG do not have any shareholdings above 1% of stock issued by their company that would require disclosure within the scope of Item 6.2 of the German CGC; supervisory board chairman Gert Purkert holds 5.47 % of the shares in Aurelius SE & Co. KGaA (former Aurelius AG), which in turn directly holds 15 % of the stock in HanseYachts AG. In addition, Aurelius SE & Co. KGaA holds 100% of the shares in the HY Beteiligungs GmbH, which in turn holds 59.13% in HanseYachts AG. The total holding of the two management-board members and supervisory board member Dr. Luzi Rageth in stock issued by HanseYachts AG amounts to 1.29 %, whereas management board member Sven Göbel and management board member Dr Jens Gerhard each holds the same number of shares at 0.64 %.

HanseYachts AG publishes extensive information about the shareholdings and stock transactions of the management and supervisory boards. Stock transactions falling under Article 15a of the Securities Trading Act on mandatory disclosure of Directors' Dealings have always been appropriately published on the website of HanseYachts AG.


Transparency and the requirement to inform shareholders and the public quickly and comprehensively have a high priority at HanseYachts AG. Consequently, current developments and vital company information are made available on HanseYachts AG’s website ( In addition to information on corporate governance, the website also publishes details about the management board, the supervisory board and the general shareholders’ meeting, legally required company reports (annual financial statements, six-month financial reports and interim reports from management), a financial calendar including all key dates as well as ad hoc press releases and mandatory disclosure of notifiable securities transactions (Directors’ Dealings).


Greifswald, 23 October 2015

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