Dehler 30 one design - European Yacht of the Year 2020Dehler 30 one design - British Yachting Awards 2019 - nominated
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Our Vision

Adrenaline in the blood. The gennaker fills in the gusts and the log jumps to between 9 and 14 knots. A triumphant smile tugs at your lips, as you anticipate crossing the line. Later, put your feet up with a cold drink in hand and go back over the day in comfort with the crew. Good for both comfort and adventure; that's the Dehler 30 one design. It’s a master of both worlds. Switch from regatta mode to cruising mode in just a few simple steps. Whether it’s the Baltic 500, the Silver Rudder or a short cruise with friends. From the very first glance, it becomes clear that the Dehler 30 one design sets a new, uncompromising course. It is designed for maximum performance with the simplest handling - and yet unmistakably a Dehler. A well thought-out package that leaves nothing to be desired and raises the bar in this class of boat. From the Dehler Carbon Cage, carbon mast, bowsprit and twin rudders, to the composite T-keel and the Dehler Stealth Drive - even the standard equipment makes for blistering performance. And that is what it’s all about.

  • LOA10.30 m
  • Hull Length9.14 m
  • Beam3.28 m
  • Displacement standard2.8 t
  • Draught standard2.20 m
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Dehler 30 one design Class Association

"We want to become a modern class that is open to everyone, grows rapidly and sets new accents in offshore regatta sport with a large field at a high sporting level".
(Felix Hauß,

The aim of the class association is to promote recreational and competitive sports with the Dehler 30 one design yachts and to administer the class rules. Under the direction of Uwe Barthel (chairman), Karl Dehler (technical chairman), Felix Hauß (sports administrator) and Andreas Deubel (treasurer), the association sets course for national and international regatta events. For the 2020 season, participation in the two-handed regatta "Baltic 500" and the long-distance race "Rund Bornholm" are planned. The Dehler 30 one design is to establish itself just as quickly at international regattas. In 2024 the jump into the Olympic sailing classes in the mixed offshore discipline beckons.


Karl Dehler – Project manager – Hanse Yachts PLC

"I am very happy that we can finally implement such an exciting one design project in Germany again!" The driving force in the development of the Dehler 30 one design is Karl Dehler, project manager of Hanse Yachts PLC. As the son of Dehler founder Willi Dehler, he is passionate about sailing. For Dehler, he has contributed to numerous innovations and trend-setting inventions. And the successes speak for themselves: under Karl's management, Dehler has already won numerous prestigious awards and has been repeatedly honoured and nominated for the titles Boat of the Year and European Boat of the Year. His expertise, competence and above all his passion are based on years of experience as an active regatta sailor. Together with Torsten Conradi, he won the world championship title in 1984 on the db2 positron.

Torsten Conradi – MD – judel/vrolijk & co

"After so many joint projects and regattas with Kalle Dehler, this enterprise is a true labour of love." A native of Bremen, Torsten Conradi has been the third partner of the world-renowned yacht designer judel / vrolijk since 1986. As a committed regatta and cruising sailor, he has been active for many years as president of the German Boat and Shipbuilders Association and in the chairmanship of "Deutsche Yachten". Above all, the team behind the Dehler 30 one design has benefitted from his many years of experience as a naval architect and in his research into aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.

Matthias Bröker - Naval architect - judel / vrolijk

"It's an exciting challenge to transfer current design knowledge from ocean sailing to such a small boat." If anyone lives for their work, it's Matthias Bröker. For the Dehler 30 one design project, Matthias is the go-to man for everything. As a senior naval architect at judel / vrolijk, and with long experience in the development of one-design, series and regatta boats, as well as box-rule classes like the TP 52, he enriches the team with vast know-how in both areas.

Ann Cathrein Jacobsen - Interior - judel / vrolijk & co

"It will be exciting to see how all the ideas and new materials we already picture in our heads will actually work out in the end." Maximum functionality in a modern, contemporary design - this is what interests Ann Cathrein Jacobsen, interior designer at judel / vrolijk. As racer herself, she is part of the yachting scene and knows how important it is to meet all requirements in the smallest possible space. This is clearly reflected in the interior of the Dehler 30 one design, whose every detail is testament to her love of racing and design.

Jan-Philipp Lüdtke - Interior – Hanse Yachts PLC

"In the team, we have succeeded in developing an interior design that provides the owners with the highest level of comfort, even while racing." Jan-Philipp Lüdtke, the interior designer of Hanse Yachts, knew sailing from the cradle. At the tender age of five, he got his junior Optimist certificate. This was followed by numerous Mediterranean and Baltic Sea cruises, and the construction of a wooden sailing boat with his father. His can-do approach now also enriches the development team of the Dehler 30 one design. In addition to a carpentry apprenticeship, he can draw on deep experience: Jan-Philipp has worked for Hanse Yachts since 2009. First as head of furniture development and construction and more recently as team leader of the department for concepts and design. Of course, no challenge is too big for him.

Oliver Schmidt-Rybandt – Offshore sailing consultant

"It's a lot of fun working with such an experienced team to develop something as great as the Dehler 30 one design together." The development of the Dehler 30 one design is based above all on the many years of experience and competence of successful offshore racers, such as Oliver Schmidt-Rybandt. As an offshore consultant, and partner of the Rostock company Speedsailing, he has had a decisive impact on the project with new concepts and ideas. He has the right solution for every challenge.

Felix Hauss – Offshore sailing consultant

"We have already seen a few boats, but the Dehler 30 one design will turn heads." As partner of Speedsail in Rostock, Felix Hauss knows how to take the helm and go all out for pace. He has many years’ experience with boats such as the Volvo Ocean 60 and ORMA 60 trimarans. His enthusiasm and competence as skipper and offshore consultant really come to the fore during sea trials, where he helps put the finishing touches to the Dehler 30 one design.

Rene Becker - Development – Hanse Yachts PLC

"Contributing to the innovative drivetrain is an exciting highlight for me." Maximum performance and maximum efficiency - Rene Becker is your contact for propulsion concepts and engine installation on sailboats. As a Master of Engineering and a developer at Hanse Yachts, he is responsible for the new technology in the project: design, detailing, modelling and documentation. His expertise has proved particularly valuable with the Dehler Stealth Drive, our new propulsion marvel.

Stephan Eigendorf - Head of GRP engineering and tooling – Hanse Yachts PLC

"I like the interplay of many small factors and different materials that ultimately create such a homogeneous structure." As head of GRP and tooling at Hanse Yachts, Canadian Stephan Eigendorf characterises the Dehler 30 one design above all others with his ample experience, technical knowledge and the selection of high-quality materials and production methods. His expertise from years of international boatbuilding and refit work has been poured into the construction of the mould for the Dehler 30 one design. If we can provide a hull of such quality, it is especially thanks to his know-how and precision.

Jens Kuphal – Offshore sailing consultant - Offshore Team Germany

"I'm really curious how the boat behaves on the water. Finally a one-design made in Germany again." As manager of Offshore Team Germany, Jens Kuphal pursues a specific vision: to establish German sailing technology as a mark of quality in offshore racing. An innovative project like the Dehler 30 one design caters exactly to the needs of the regatta and offshore sailor. Above all, Jens makes use of his many years of experience in team and production management and as helmsman of the Intermezzo Racing Team on a Dehler 42 Competition.

Peter Meyer - Purchasing – Hanse Yachts PLC

"Especially with a project for such an experienced audience, it's important to look for the right materials and components for this type of boat." Peter Meyer, head of purchasing at Hanse Yachts, can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the yachting scene. He is active in the German national Soling team, possesses extraordinary skills in technical purchasing and sales, and is a recognised expert in production optimisation. Without a doubt, such a degree of industry, product and brand knowledge helps drive the Dehler 30 one design project forward.

Katja Siegel - Head of marketing & communications – Hanse Yachts PLC

“Nothing inspires us more than the four words: ‘it can’t be done’. When we hear that, we do everything we can to make the impossible possible. We as a team are passionate about this ground-breaking project.” Katja Siegel is the contact person for all matters. As head of marketing and communications at Hanse Yachts, she pulls all the threads together to communicate the project to the outside world. Katja and her team have many years of comms experience in the sector and she is herself an active sailor. On days off, she is usually found at sea in her classic wooden Dragon.


Liferaft stowage – Lid up and it’s ready

The liferaft. Nobody wants to use it but everyone wants to know it will work flawlessly if deployed. All crewmembers must be able to release and activate the liferaft in all conditions and without help.
When it comes to safety, we leave nothing to chance. With a dedicated storage space at the stern, the liferaft couldn’t be easier to access. Just a few simple steps and it is ready for use.

Twin rudder and lead keel – a lateral plan that doesn’t compromise

The Dehler 30 one design is also engineered for top performance below the waterline. The uncompromising lateral plan includes a 2.2m-deep T-keel with lead bulb and twin rudders.
The composite keel consists of two segments: the upper part is formed of a hollow, extruded aluminium fin. Bolted beneath that is a streamlined lead bulb which puts 900kg at the deepest point of the keel for maximum efficiency. And the result? Our lightest ever fin, whose connecting webs allow flexion for great strength and correspondingly low weight. The lead bulb guarantees a high righting moment and tremendous speed potential.
Double is better: twin rudders are much more stable. Even at high speed, and especially when the boat surfs, there is always a rudder in the water to ensure full control. And when the lee rudder is fully immersed, you reduce the wetted area to a minimum.

Cockpit stowage – Everything in the locker

As racers know, storage space in the cockpit can be in seriously short supply when you’re cruising. We want to change that. The locker situated behind the steering linkage is watertight and secured by a transparent deck hatch.

Instrument Rack – The security centre

The instrument rack is the be-all and end-all for safety on board: at the stern, it carries all the safety and communication gear.
In an emergency, seconds often count. That's why at Dehler we rigorously combine technical innovations with maximum safety. Both lifebuoy and Epirb can be reached and activated with simple movements. Positioning aft above the transom ensures the best view and maximum coverage of the sky for SatNav / satellite communication.

Warm anti-slip in the cockpit - Safety can also be comfortable

Who hasn’t suffered bruises and numb legs while sailing? We have now developed a remedy: soft antislip patches on the cockpit benches and the cockpit sole between the traveller and the companionway. The insulating properties of these patches stops you from chilling down during long passages seated. It should turn a nap during the off-watch into a near spa experience!

Main sheet with 4:1 and 16:1 purchase – The accelerator

Perfect power transmission in every situation. The choice of coarse or fine trim on board optimises handling during manoeuvres.
4:1 is best when it comes to speed in the turn. Need strength or sensitivity? Then the fine tuning possible through the 16:1 purchase comes into play. Especially useful for precise trim in the fathead main to build up pressure, or to spill wind in the gusts.

External helm system - Full access and optimal control

Good technology shouldn’t be hidden. The helm system of the Dehler 30 one design is all above the deck. Everything at a glance and easily accessible - this is how to keep repairs and maintenance simple.
Central tiller steering makes efficient use of space, with short routes and the easiest handover to another crew member. Whether alone or crewed, the boat is easy to manoeuvre. Fast, safe and effective - an unbeatable combination.

Adjustable footrests – Lock it down so you don’t lose it!

It is often little things that make the difference between victory and defeat. Individually adjustable foot rests for the helmsman offer optimal support at any time, in any conditions. Better ergonomics keep you more comfortable so you can stay on the helm longer, stay focused and above all, stay bang on course. Just become one with the boat.

Dehler Stealth Drive – Streamlined wonder

A drive concept that only comes to the fore when needed. For this purpose, we pair a small diesel engine (10 hp) with a retractable shaft, which is controlled by a lever in the cockpit. This new drive concept is typically Dehler: designed for mass production and easy maintenance. The Dehler Stealth Drive - a true Dehler innovation with great impact.
To use the engine, a simple pull on the lever is enough: the drive train folds down and the boat is ready to go under power. When folded, the shaft and prop tuck up inside the hull, hermetically sealed behind a cover. No water resistance and no chance that nets, seaweed or other foreign objects could tangle the prop and slow you down. Since no stern gear is being hauled through the water when sailing, we can even spec a fixed propeller with higher efficiency than a folding prop. A fixed prop on a raceboat of this calibre? It seems wrong, but we’ve found a way to do it! *
* Connoisseurs know: Dehlers are delivered as standard with a folding propeller. Using this proprietary system, we can now deliver the first Dehler with a fixed-pitch propeller.

Integrated bulkhead instruments - Everything at a glance

Technology is an absolute given on board these days. Whether it’s a multifunction display or a simple chartplotter; a digital compass or autopilot with remote control - everything is monitored and controlled from the coachroof bulkhead. All the key data for sail trim and navigation is displayed here. Everything available at a glance and within arm’s reach.

Sliding dodger with 3D window - Keep an eye out

Everything in sight at all times. The sliding dodger with curved 3D window offers a perfect 360-degree view of the water, deck and especially rigging – all from the protected companionway. Out of the wind and weather, it offers shelter and reliable cover, without cutting contact with the outside world.
A pleasant side effect: more headroom and natural light in the companionway.

Category A Offshore – Sailing without limits

The Dehler 30 one design is uncompromising. Thanks to its high-quality composite build, the boat has great structural strength, but displaces just 2.8 tonnes. It will prove itself in offshore and coastal regattas.
The easy-to-trim monolithic carbon rig and its aluminium boom extend to the maximum length allowed in category A. And with its deck-stepped mast, there is no possibility of water leaking below. So there is nothing to stop the boat competing in regattas open only to category A yachts.

Double-handed – Optimised for small crews

This high performance offshore one design is optimised for shorthanded crews. Here, the 9.14m length and 3.25m beam of the Dehler 30 one design sets new standards and delivers the perfect boat to match the growing passion for double-handed racing.
Our focus on deck has been ease of handling and an efficient layout for the crew to work together. The simple-to-use 200-litre ballast tanks provide additional stability for small crews. One-up or with crew, the best possible trim is always guaranteed.

Railing in black - Sexy security

Pulpit, pushpit and stanchions in black. Why? Not only does it look pretty damn good, supporting the overall style of the boat, it also eliminates that distracting gleam which can take your mind off the essential: winning the race!

Serial number in the deck - Tell us who you are

Especially on long passages, conditions can be rough. We say Safety First. Set into the deck, a soft, non-slip neoprene patch provides additional support when crew are working on the foredeck.
The patch also bears the hull number in large digits. This is a common feature in many offshore classes, ensuring the boat can be identified from the air.

Hull shape - Ready to race

Even at first glance, it is clear: from the transom to the bowsprit, this is 10.30m of pure racing DNA. The long, straight hull with pronounced chines aft is vacuum infused in E-glass, serving to increase the dimensional stability and visibility on the water. The sheer stern has the benefit of minimising the wetted area of the lateral plan and keeping the boat stable at speed. And to top it all off: a moderate scow bow, which generates dynamic buoyancy while surfing despite the steep ends. It allows the bow to cut through cross-seas with minimal resistance.
The hull is fitted with the latest version of the Dehler Carbon Cage, which evenly distributes hull loading across its high-strength structure. The result: convincing rigidity with the lowest possible weight. The Dehler 30 one design converts all forces into maximum performance.

Bowsprit with bobstay – Always a nose ahead

The Dehler 30 one design is equipped with a fixed full-carbon bowsprit. The bobstay prevents the bowsprit from bending under shock loads when using the Gennaker or Code Zero, so all the pressure is converted to speed.
When cruising or manoeuvring in a tightly-packed harbour, the bowsprit can be easily removed and later replaced.



Aft cabins – Make the most of a broad stern

Through the aft bulkhead, you reach the aft cabins on each side. The berths measure a generous 2m long by 1.1m wide at the head, tapering to 80cm, so you will find everything necessary for a peaceful night’s rest or a quick nap on the windward leg of the race. The inside of the hull is lined with a modern mesh material, so you can lean comfortably against it. Smaller belongings find a home behind the fiddle on the shelf; larger ones can be stowed under the bunk cushions. Functional, yet comfortable.

Engine compartment - Direct access

Between the two aft berths and the companionway is the technical space, accessible from both sides. From here, the engine and the seawater valve are easy to maintain. The area between the bunks and above the Dehler Stealth Drive Tunnel is not wasted, either. Here practical, optional transport boxes provide space for personal items. Everything sorted thematically in easy reach.

Electric Panel - The communications centre

Keep an eye on everything, even below decks. From VHF radio to battery management; switchboard and circuit breakers to mobile phone chargers (12v and USB ports), all wiring comes back to here.

Whether it’s entertainment in port or hard facts on the high seas, the electric panel integrated into the bulkhead provides the perfect overview.

Lightweight GRP sandwich bulkheads - Less is more

The lightweight construction concept of the Dehler 30 one design doesn’t stop at the bulkheads. Consistency down to the smallest detail. The E-glass sandwich bulkheads offer maximum strength with low weight. Rig loading from the deck-stepped mast is optimally transferred to the keel section. Another advantage: unlike the traditional wooden core, the foam core hardly absorbs any water.

Storage shelf with internal storage space

Order is half of life - especially below decks. A lightweight shelf with internal storage offers enough space for the essentials. Safe and compact, various items can be stored.

Integrated companionway stowage - For all your stuff

On the Dehler 30 one design, even the smallest space is used efficiently. An integrated storage space on the companionway is used to stow small items that need to be quickly and easily accessible. Things like torches, handheld VHF, sunglasses etc

Freshwater tank – A real lightweight

Everyday life aboard requires fresh running water. That’s why we’ve equipped the boat with a lightweight flexible tank and an economical, manual foot pump. Fresh water can be filled directly from the deck and the tank is placed centrally, close to the boat’s centre of gravity.

Frischwassertank – Richtiges Leichtgewicht

Everyday life aboard requires fresh running water. That’s why we’ve equipped the boat with a lightweight flexible tank and an economical, manual foot pump. Fresh water can be filled directly from the deck and the tank is placed centrally, close to the boat’s centre of gravity.

Galley - Small but flexible

True comfort only comes with a well-equipped galley. Whether chilled drinks or hot snacks, everything is taken care of. The Eno gas stove with piezoelectric ignition comes with a saucepan holder. On the right of the work surface with its handrail, there is a recess for standard-sized coolers, and a 12V socket. There’s a small sink with a flexible tap and foot pump. A versatile, sliding chopping board is also part of the standard equipment, covering either a cooker or sink. There is plenty of storage space in the galley: textile zippered bags are ample for food and kitchen utensils.

Separable heads - A little luxury with little effort

Some things can’t be avoided. So that friends remain friends, there is a simple toilet solution from the aircraft industry. A lightweight fabric screen folds out on flexible hinges to separate the heads from the saloon and create some privacy. Preserve your dignity even with a larger crew on long passages.

The manual toilet is equipped with a blackwater tank and deck pump-out. Simple and clean.

Saloon - Performance without comfort? Never!

We don’t believe that comfort and powerful performance in a boat need be mutually exclusive. The Dehler 30 one design brilliantly combines clear performance features with a feel-good factor. So the open bulkheads create a bright, generous volume while at the same time saving weight. Lightweight technical materials in warm, natural tones create a surprisingly large sense of space for a boat of its size.

Lithium ion batteries - The power bank

For the first time on a Dehler boat, we are using super-light lithium-ion batteries. Installed at the lowest point of the hull, they are as weight-neutral as possible. Battery management technology is built in, and 70A alternators ensure fast charging. Lithium-ion batteries are also low maintenance and stable.

Fabric-lined hull - High-tech from the fashion world

Each cabin sports a fabric lining. In keeping with the yacht’s sporty character, we rely on a well-proven material from the sporting world to create a sense of coziness. Fashionable mesh fabric is particularly durable, stretchy and therefore ideally suited for padding the inner hull.

Moulded wooden saloon seating - Ergonomics below deck

Switch from cruising to racing mode at a stroke. Even below, the Dehler 30 one design is a master of both worlds. The saloon benches made of waterproof, real oak combine ergonomics and stability. They invite the crew to sit comfortably together or, when folded up for racing, provide ample storage space. For more comfort, the padding from the sides of the forward cabin transforms into the upholstery of the salon bench. Robust, water-repellent and easy to clean.

Table - Foldable multifunctionality

Two in one. A centrally placed bracket acts as a firm handrail and at the same time the base of the hinged table.

Large double focsle berth - play area or sail locker

Depending on requirements, the boat's great versatility once again shows itself in the forepeak. As in the saloon, a few steps are enough to switch between sport mode and cruising mode. When the berths are folded up, there is direct access to the inspection hatch of the collision bulkhead, and lots of extra storage space for sails. When cruising, the berth offers accommodation for two, with its 2.2m length and 1.8m width, tapering to 1.45m at the foot. Like the saloon, the cabin sides are lined with mesh fabric.

Collision bulkhead - Pure safety

Water ingress following a collision is a nightmare for any boatowner. To prevent the boat from flooding and to ensure the safety of the crew, the bow area is hermetically separated from the rest of the boat. A watertight inspection hatch allows maintenance and inspection of the forestay attachment.




Dehler 30 one design
Dehler 30 one design brochure
Dehler 30 one design
Dehler 30 one design
Dehler 30 one design Stealth Drive
Dehler 30 one design Sail Book Racing and start package Quantum Sails
Dehler 30 one design Sail Book Elvström Sails
Dehler 30 one design Sail Book Northsails
Dehler 30 one design
Dehler 30 one design
Dehler 30 one design
Dehler 30 one design
Dehler 30 one design

Dehler 30 one design

Standard Specification

Dehler 30 one design brochure

BORN TO COMPETE. BUILT FOR COMFORT. The Dehler 30 one design is a high-performance yacht. Our dedicated team of specialists has created a boat that strikes the optimum balance between speed and handling through the use of the latest technology. World-renowned yacht designers from judel/vrolijk & co. and sailing icons from Speedsailing Rostock supported the Dehler development team. Under the project management of successful racer Karl Dehler, the team has brought to life an innovative and unique vision. Regatta pro or amateur sailor alike - new limits can be reached safely and in full control. So, work less – sail more!

Dehler 30 one design

sail plan

Dehler 30 one design

technical sail plan

Dehler 30 one design Stealth Drive

Dehler 30 one

Dehler 30 one design Sail Book Racing and start package Quantum Sails

Dehler 30 one design Sail Book Elvström Sails

Dehler 30 one design Sail Book Northsails

Dehler 30 one design

Speed Guide

Dehler 30 one design

Deck Layout

Dehler 30 one design

Deck Layout

Dehler 30 one design

Standard Interior Layout

Dehler 30 one design

Deck Layout

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One Design from Germany - "Comfort helps to win"
What began in 1977 as a gesture of defiance was decisive for German boatbuilding. It laid the foundation for a decade-long history in serial one-design production, ‘Made in Germany’. Even then, founder Willi Dehler did not accept that race boats should have just one purpose: to sail regattas. He had more in mind. His vision - race boats with creature comforts.
It started with the legendary Sprinta Sport. A small cabin cruiser with real regatta ambitions, she was considered the first of a new cruiser-racer class, which became successful in the Quarter Tonne division of the IOR system. Through the use of the latest materials and high-strength components, more common on larger boats, Dehler already positioned itself as a pioneer in production boatbuilding. Some 500 boats were built and sailed intensively.
Naturally, Dehler followed up on this success with bigger one designs. The db1 came out in 1980 - a serial Three-Quarter tonner. It was already clear that Dehlers not only sailed very well, but also offered comfortable living. Dehler finally won a world championship title with the db2.
After a long interlude, the new Dehler 30 one design marks a return to the original idea behind her successful predecessors: to create a performance boat that is also suitable for cruising. She embodies an unprecedented combination of function and comfort. Every detail of the boat is geared towards maximum performance, but without sacrificing comfort: from cruiser-racer to racer-cruiser.

Sprinta Sport

This enormously successful first cabin-cruiser class, which also distinguished itself in the IOR Quarter Tonne division, was much used for cruising. Some 500 boats were built with the goal: class instead of formula.


First series-built, Three-Quarter Tonne one design, which lead to international success. Below decks, she was fully equipped, while on deck she had an innovative layout for sporty sailing and easy handling.

Dehler 30 one design

Our new development is a progressive racer-cruiser with true Dehler performance genes. The Dehler 30 one design is an uncompromising double-handed offshore boat designed for maximum performance with the highest possible level of comfort.


Dehler yachts are boats for individualists. All the same, the Dehler 30 one design already leaves our shipyard with the highest level of equipment as standard. Features include a carbon mast, bowsprit, twin rudders, composite aluminium-lead keel, Dehler Carbon Cage and, for the first time, the Dehler Stealth Drive. Use our configurator to personalise your Dehler 30 one design. From new colour options to extra sails, design your boat according to your own individual wishes.

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Die neue Dehler 30 od wird mit einem INNOVATIVEN ANTRIEB ausgerüstet. Die einziehbare Wellenanlage, eine der ersten in Serienreife, könnte sich schon bald auf Fahrtenbooten wiederfinden.

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Enthüllt! Dehlers Geheimprojekt. Mit einem leistungsstarken HOCHSEE-RENNER setzt Dehler neue Akzente. Die YACHT begleitet die Entwicklung von Beginn an und zeigt erste Details der spannenden Konstruktion.

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EI nuevo Dehler 30 One Design es un monotipo concebido para la regata pura, pero con buenas prestaciones de confort en sus interiores.

Dehler 30 one design Review LE MAG Yachting Festival Cannes 2019

Le tout nouveau Dehler 30 one Design célèbre sa première mondiale. Conçu grâce aux technologies les plus récentes, il offre un maximum de performances, associé à des manœuvres simples et garanti un confort basique et efficace.

Dehler 30 one design Review AQUA Magazine No. 144 Aug-Okt-2019

Dehler 30 one design A REGATTÁK ÚJ CSILLAGA

Dehler 30 one design review N&Y No.46 2019

Un barco totalmente pensado para competir, con una cubierta en la que no reina nada más que la maniobra destinada al trimado de velas

Dehler 30 one design Testbericht Search Magazine 76 - 2019

Dehler 30 one design - European Yacht of the Year 2020

Regatta Yachten

Dehler 30 one design - British Yachting Awards 2019 - nominated

Racing Yacht/Sportsboat of the Year


Baltic Sea –

The Dehler 30 one design is waiting for you! For the season 2020 offer test runs with the new offshore yacht from their base in the Rostock city harbor. Test the new standard class in Warnemünde together with experienced skippers or take the Racer-Cruiser to its peak during a test fitting along the Baltic Sea coast. The North German waters offer ideal conditions for testing the racing qualities of the yacht. Let the experienced Ocean Racer sailors show you how they can confidently manoeuvre the Dehler 30 one design with a small crew, operate the Dehler Stealth Drive or make optimum use of the trim equipment. Whether training with a professional skipper, charter or hourly test sailing - ask now for your appointment, the team will gladly take time for you!

Cyclades and Aegean Sea - FastSailing

Charter the Dehler30 one design from February 2020 in Greece with and experience the offshore yacht in one of the best sailing areas in the world. The region around the Cyclades and the Aegean Sea is known for its constant winds, numerous islands and sheltered bays. Whether you are a single-handed sailor or crewed, charter the yacht for a sea trial or qualify for one of the local regattas such as the Aegean600, Hydra Race, Aegean Rally, Cyclades Race or Rodos Cup. In preparation, FastSailing will gladly organise a skipper for individual yacht training, who will show you how to bring the yacht to maximum performance. All charter yachts are equipped with a set of high quality Kevlar/Aramid sails and offer a complete equipment including autopilot and chart plotter. Find out for yourself what it means to sail one of the most modern yachts optimized for maximum performance and ask for your appointment now!

Athens – Offshore Racing Charter

Offshore Racing Charter in Athens offers interested sailors the opportunity to sail the Dehler 30 one design from the beginning of 2020 in the Mediterranean Sea. Gain first experiences on board with your team and get familiar with the Quantum sail sets, the fold-out propulsion and the water ballast system. Experience the advantages of the "Dehler Stealth-Drive" and combine jib, staysail, Code Zero as well as the different Downwind sails for the optimal speed. On request, an experienced skipper will accompany you and instruct you on the yacht. Would you like to experience the Dehler 30 one design in direct comparison? Book a place as a crew member on a Mediterranean regatta via Offshore Racing Charter and convince yourself of their racing qualities. Make an appointment now for an unforgettable sailing experience!

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