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A sailing yacht is permanently confronted with roll, pitch and yaw movements. The hull has to withstand enormous forces. Guiding this strain optimally through the boat – and ensuring the materials used interact homogenously – is the highest form of craftsmanship in modern yacht building. A rigid, ingeniously constructed bottom structure is essential for achieving this.

Dehler has gone to elaborate extremes in series-production yacht construction: the GRP structure in the bottom has been further strengthened with carbon fibre in exposed areas. With the aid of highly sophisticated computer simulations, the reinforcement zones have been precisely determined. The result: the Dehler Carbon Cage, which boosts the stiffness of the bottom by 25%. The mast base is even 50% stiffer. This plus in stability is standard for the Dehler 34, 38, 42 and 46 models.


A combination of competition elements such as a large carbon rig, deep hybrid keel and the competition rudder enables the extremely rigid yacht to sail at a significantly higher performance level.

The rigging tension is higher so that you can sail your Dehler closer to the wind. This not only caters perfectly to sporty, ambitious sailors, it also makes sailing more fun on board.

The absorption of the torsional forces minimises the wear and tear on the materials. This leads to a longer lifespan for the yacht and a higher residual value.

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