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Steffi von Wolff is an author and Dehler sailor. Recently her latest book "Hafenkino" was published. In an interview she gave us a first insight and told us more about her sailing background.

Since when do you sail?
Since 2002, quite a long time, I just notice.

How did you get into sailing and water sports?
My boyfriend at that time had a boat on the Oste in Lower Saxony, one day I sailed along and found it somehow quite good!

What boat do you have? Since when?
We had a Sunbeam 26 from 2004 to 2015 and now together with my sister-in-law and her husband a Dehler 38. A big jump, but a real one.

Advantages of an owner community?
In the summer you suddenly have family contacts that we used to hire at the back of the season. It is of course something else to divide work, costs and other things by four or two. And one-way trips are nice extensions of the radius of action. Every year we start the season with a joint trip, which is also quite nice.

What was decisive for the choice of this boat?
It should be beautiful, fast and comfortable. And a shower and a heater (the last two conditions I provided).

How do you combine your profession as an author with sailing?
That's the great thing about my job: I can do it anywhere − that's why I like to spend several weeks on our ship in summer. That's where you get free material for new books!

What inspired you to write your latest book "Hafenkino"? Title actually explains itself, but maybe you can say something about your motivation.
"Hafenkino" consists of collected columns that have appeared in the YACHT magazine. When I was alone on the boat, I started writing them. One day in the marina lasts for at least five stories.

Do you have 1-2 favorite passages in the book?
I describe, among other things, the wise guys who tell you why you should do it this way and that way, or who say: "You don't take the first berth". I also like the hoveringH parents who run to the harbour master after mooring and scream: "We have children, we need electricity". All these scenes are described in the book.

Your favourite sailing area and why?
Preferably in the best weather in the beautiful Danish South Seas. Anchoring, bathing, a cold drink, sunbathing. Wonderful! Otherwise the East Swedish archipelago.

 Your dream destination with your own yacht?
I would like to visit my relatives in Maui/Hawaii with the yacht. But that’s probably too far for a weekend. Scotland we have on the plan and gladly a stage cruise into the Mediterranean Sea.

Your advice for a good dinner on board?
Purely technical: an induction hob is practical and saves a lot of gas. Logistic: Always have enough food with you for at least two days, nothing is more annoying than not being able to anchor spontaneously just because something is missing to eat. Prescription: Risotto always goes, just needs a flame and then sausages everything that could fit.

What should never be missing on your yacht?
Cold white wine and my husband. That’s it.

We thank Steffi for the honest answers and can't wait to browse through her book. If you feel the same way then have a look:

Wolff, Steffi von: Hafenkino : Mein Mann, seine Alte und ich. 1st edition 2018. Bielefeld: Delius Klasing Verlag GmbH, 2018. ISBN 978-3-667-11274-3

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