SEALINE Flybridge yacht cruising at sea

Sealine   Motor yacht history

Founders of SEALINE motorboat company

3 friends and £500Frank Fish, Tom Murrant, Ray Walker

In 1972, the aircraft engineer Tom Murrant was looking for a family boat. He knew exactly what he wanted – but he couldn’t find it anywhere on the market. Murrant responded how only visionary mavericks would: he built his dream boat himself.


At an airfield near Bobbington; Tom Murrant along with two friends completed his 23-foot cabin cruiser. It soon became clear that what they had created had got what it takes to become a commercial hit. Murrant withdrew £500 from his life insurance and founded Fibrasonic marine ltd.

Aircraft field where the first SEALINE motorboat was built
Historic photo of the 23ft Continental motorboat

23-footContinental cabin cruiser

As early as in 1978, Fibrasonic needed bigger halls and moved to Kidderminster. In just 6 weeks, the first C-LINE weekender was developed there.


Historic photo of the 19-foot Weekender motorboat
Historic photo of the 22-foot Cabin motorboat

22-footCabin cruiser

The C-LINE boats had soon made a name for themselves; even visually. The 22-foot cabin cruiser has a striking stripe of color. A novelty: the owner chooses from blue, yellow and orange.

Fleet of SEALINE motor yachts of the coast of an exotic location

Longer. Finer. Quicker.C-LINE becomes SEALINE

Spurred on by his success, Tom Murrant focused on a new goal: building internationally renowned fine yachts. His models are longer, more luxurious motor yachts that cover all building types. The new variety is expressed in a new name: from C-LINE (what stood for cruiser and cabin) to SEALINE.

SEALINE 30The first flybridge cruiser

The first SEALINE flybridge cruiser motor yacht in the water
SEALINE flybridge cruiser yacht on the sea

AmbassadorSEALINE 285

Statesman like product names underline the class of the SEALINE yachts. “Ambassador” broke the first ground.

StatesmenSEALINE 305

Statesmen motor yacht the SEALINE 305 on the water
The Aura Motor yacht was SEALINE T60 model, our first sixty foot yacht in the ocean


Under new ownership, SEALINE advanced their motor yacht line up to the 60 feet class. The T60 Aura motor yacht is the longest ever SEALINE built to date.

40 years after the company was founded, Hanseyachts bought the SEALINE brand, including all models. While four yachts continued to be produced at the shipyard in Greifswald Germany; the development of a state-of-the-art generation of models began under new head designer Bill Dixon.

Fly bridgeSEALINE F380

Flybridge model SEALINE F380 offshore motor yacht
SEALINE S330 Our first German / English cooperative boat

Sport serieSEALINE S330

First German and English co-production between Bill Dixon and the shipyard in Greifswald.

Cruiser serieSEALINE C330

Motorboat cruiser series Sealine C330
Luxury flybridge motor yacht SEALINE F530

Fly bridgeSEALINE F530

The finest materials. Maximum comfort. An astonishing amount of room. SEALINE turned the fly bridge into “fly lounge”.

SEALINE C430 luxury yacht font hull

Pioneer. Aesthete. Style icon.The future is SEALINE.

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