Dealer Privilège Catamarans America Rob Poirier

Rob Poirier

Dealer Privilège Catamarans America

Something of a catamaran expert, Rob spent more than 20 years as the marketing and sales manager for two boat builders prior to working with Privilège. “I've always been in the catamaran segment and have worked with boatyards in North America, South America and now Europe,” he says. 

Rob has always believed in focusing his sales efforts on the customer’s experience, and that’s why he has sailed thousands of nautical miles with clients all over the world. “These many months aboard with clients have formed friendships and informed my views of the vessels and how boats should be marketed. Because I enjoy my work, I have no retirement plans at this time.”

The history of the boatyard and its connection to the famous Vendée Globe also adds to the character and enduring value of the Privilège brand.


He describes Privilège as one of the “last true boatyards”. A high-quality yacht cannot be built fast and Privilège understands this, building with methods that take longer. “The result is a boat that will last for decades,” says Rob emphatically. “Most boats today are sold on the empty promotion of lifestyle and luxury. The greatest luxury you can have at sea is safety, and Privilège is built to provide that confidence.”

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Rob Poirier stands on aft of sailing catamaran for group photo with team members
Family and friends have fun while at sail on catamaran in tropical water while Rob Poirier skippers the yacht
Rob Poirier and friends pose on catamaran for photograph
Rob Poirier and friends wearing credentials around neck take group photograph while attending yachting festival

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