Our manifesto

authentic, individual and iconic since 1985


We believe that authenticity is the heart of successful relationships. Here at Privilège, that means genuinely connecting our customers with our craftspeople to create a unique blend of your ideas and our know-how.

It goes so much further than simply choosing fabric colours and wood finishes. This is about the creative magic that takes place when you sketch out your wishes for our experts to find new solutions drawn from their experience and their skills.

It is about dialogue, and partnership. It is about getting every element of the boat you have always dreamed of, in the safe, fast, high-quality package that envelops every Privilège catamaran. It is about enabling your cruising ambitions.



We are not like other catamaran builders. We don’t churn out a steady stream of pre-defined boats that all look alike. Our range of stunning catamarans runs from 50ft in length to over 75ft, but each one is unique.

Haste is not in our nature. Our expert craftspeople take the time to get every painstaking element of every boat they build exactly right. That is why Privilège is able to customise its yachts to such an extent. We are not building by numbers on a relentless production line.

We are crafting your exclusive vision. And we understand how special that is. It’s in our DNA.



You don’t come to Privilège for just another cruising catamaran, and we know it. You come to Privilège because you have something unique and exceptional in mind. Of course, it must be seaworthy to protect your loved ones, comfortable and fast. That goes without saying.

But the real reason you come to us is because you want something that will stand the test of time. A catamaran that will turn heads in anchorages and make other sailors wonder. A boat that will still be doing all this in 10 years time, and 10 years after that. We promise you a true icon of the seas.