Cooking on board a catamaran chef Mark owner & chef “Infinity of Faith”

Chef’s choice by Mark

Coque Atlantique

Sailing from Les Sables-d’Olonne on France’s Atlantic coast to Porto in Portugal is a voyage between two culinary worlds. From fresh oysters to fresh fish; pommeau to port. Appropriate, then, to be cooking up a feast along the way as well. We shipped with proud new Privilège Serie 5 owner Mark on “Infinity of Faith”, where he wowed HanseYachts AG CEO Dr. Jens Gerhard with his roast chicken and all the trimmings.

Cooking is one of my passions, and the galley of my new Privilège makes it easy to produce a feast for my crew!

Owner & chef “Infinity of Faith”

“With dolphin sightings and fine early spring weather, our maiden voyage on Infinity of Faith will go down as one of those great sailing experiences. I can’t wait to see what other treats the boat has in store for us” said Mark.

Chef Marc carves portions for a meal he prepared for his catamaran guests
Chef Marc's Stuffed chicken ready for the oven on board his catamaran
Finished dish: Coque Atlantique by Chef Marc
Chef Marcs floating catamaran kitchen “Infinity of Faith”

Mark made maximum use of the catamaran’s generous galley, with a large gas oven and broad work surfaces. As well as a chicken roasted to perfection, he prepared delicate soups and served up some fine sundowners for the four-man crew during their week-long passage. He was assisted be a range of useful equipment, including the superhero whisk (demonstrated by Dr. Jens Gerhardt), a blender and a coffee machine.

Great company and wonderful sailing made dinner aboard “Infinity of Faith” better than any restaurant. No amount of Michelin stars can beat the joy of freedom and sailing possibilities that accompany a good meal on board.

CEO of HanseYachts AG

CEO of HanseYachtsAG Dr. Jens Gerhardt
Sailing catamaran on the open ocean
Dr. Jens Gerhardt on board sailing catamaran
Ocean birds on the deck railing of a catamaran at sea
View from under catamaran sails being filled with wind

Their voyage was as smooth as velouté sauce. Although they left France early in the season, in March, they encountered fine following winds and clear blue skies. With the yacht’s cutter rig, Privilège skipper Eric Darni flew twin headsails poled out on either side. This sail plan is simple to control and efficient running dead downwind. The crew had plenty of time to savour Mark’s fine cuisine and to enjoy repeated dolphin sightings across the Bay of Biscay.

Side view to bow of sailing catamaran going into port

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