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Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a Privilège catamaran

A dream came true! On January, 30th at 9:00 p.m. local time the Belgians Marc, Nancy and Sunny, their son-in-law, arrived in Rodnay Bay on St. Lucia, Caribbean.

The best moments were the sunsets and of course the nights full of stars above the yacht.


At the beginning of November 2019 they cast off the lines of their Privilège Serie 5 “Mana” in Les Sables d’Olonne to start their multi-year journey. Coached by Privilège skipper Eric Darni the family managed the first leg across the Bay of Biscay to Madeira. Well prepared, they took on the adventure of sailing across the Atlantic alone. In a short travel report they have shared their experience with us.

“All of us were sailing beginners so we were glad that Eric got in touch with us every day via satellite phone or text message. He helped us navigating and gave valuable advice for sailing manoeuvres. Fortunately we were lucky with the weath¬er as the sun has been kind to us. As often as possible we took the opportunity to jump from the stern into the deep blue ocean. Almost daily we caught several fish and prepared a delicious dinner with beautiful sunsets that only the Atlantic Ocean can offer.”

“Over the time we became more and more self-confident in handling our catama¬ran as the yacht gave us a secure feeling. Four days before we arrived at St. Lucia a dolphin family accompanied us for a few miles. This was the moment we had been dreaming about! After we arrived in the Caribbean we realized that we had really managed to make our life’s dream come true. Now we feel well prepared to circumnavigate for several years, but this time without any help from ashore!”

Photos & Video: © Eric Darni, Marc & Nancy

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