The first made production Privilège Signature 580 sailing catamaran at its launch

Ready for Christmas

The first new Privilège Signature 580 has launched

It is 06.00 in the morning in Les Sables-d’Olonnes on the French Atlantic coast. It is dark and raining as the shipyard doors slide open. A mix of suspense, excitement and pre-Christmas joy is in the air as the new masterpiece is carefully moved out into the open. The rain beads off the twin metallic grey hulls as the first Privilège Signature 580 to be completed passes under the gaze of this year’s Vendee Globe heroes, watching larger than life from a suspended banner.

At 6 am the first Privilège Signature 580 passes under the gaze of this year’s Vendee Globe heroes!

White Privilège Signature 580 docked at her launch day outside the Privilège factory yard
White Privilège Signature 580 being lowered into water for the first time
Privilège Signature 580 has mast installed for first time
Overhead drone shot of White Privilège Signature 580 docked at her launch day outside of Privilège factory yard
Privilège Signature 580 mast waiting to be installed for the first time
Crew of Privilège Signature 580 readies the boat for its first sailing trip

A few hours later, the 61-foot luxury catamaran Vento glides majestically into the water accompanied by the proud applause of the men and women who built her, ready for the first sea trial. The red and white national flag of Peru gives an idea of where the voyage could wind up - but first the owners plan to explore the Mediterranean and then head for the Caribbean. We wish Vento and her crew a Merry Christmas and fair winds!

Catamaran stored in warehouse for Christmas

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