Privilège catamaran designers

Marc Lombard & Franck Darnet

Meet the yacht designers of Privilège

Privilège works with some of the foremost yacht designers in the building of each of its luxury catamarans. These are experts in the fields of naval architecture and interior design – revered by sailors and boatbuilders alike. And like all good working relationships, they have been forged over time. Between Franck Darnet and Marc Lombard, we have a combined 50 years of close collaboration. It enables both men to really understand our brand and challenge us to go further each time.

Marc’s first professional energies were spent in designing a monohull, and this has become a speciality. His hulls are slim and hydrodynamic below the waterline, providing plenty of living volume above it. Franck, meanwhile, is a veteran sailor and designer of superyacht interiors. Of course, if you’d like a little expert advice we can arrange for designer Franck Darnet to help you craft your unique Privilège.

We are constantly questioning our designs and seeking to improve them

Naval architect

Marc Lombard has been the chief designer for Privilège since 1985. In that time, he has perfected the balance between performance, safety and comfort. Historically focused on racing, Marc Lombard was the very first naval architect to employ hydrodynamic specialists within his growing team. In his four-decade-long career, Marc has created over 250 different designs – from racing yachts and leisure cruisers to monohulls, catamarans and trimarans, it appears there’s no limit to his creativity.

The spaces and volumes had to feel as magisterial as the boat herself

Superyacht interior designer

Superyacht interior designer Franck Darnet is undoubtedly one of the world’s most renowned interior designers for custom yachts and luxury hotels. He designs bright and attractive interiors to live in, which provide pleasure and a sense of space. Franck’s refined designs are found on every Privilège making them the most elegant multihulls today. Franck grew up in a sailing family which included a designer, and so was always destined to follow a similar path. His life has always been animated by two passions: design and the sea.

Marc Lombard

Marc Lombard – yacht designer

You have been involved with Privilège for many years. What does the brand mean to you?
For more than three decades I have sailed and lived the Privilège dream. Every Privilège is designed and built to combine seaworthiness with comfort, luxury and pleasure – a true masterpiece on the sea.


What were your priorities when designing the hull of this boat?
Every one of my designs is a careful, painstaking balance. The process starts by quizzing the client on their aims. In the case of the Privilège Signature 650, it was all about a super-stable, efficient hull shape that also offered ample volume to achieve the high quality of accommodation required.


How do you go about designing a new boat – is it a very creative process?
I love to do hand sketches to get a first feeling for the spirit of the boat. Naval architecture is about making progress every day. We never pause, we never sit back. We are constantly questioning our designs and seeking to improve them. 


You have always been inspired by your own sailing exploits. What does it mean to be out on the water yourself?
What I love most about sailing is the exceptional relationship with nature and the simple way of life that a sailing boat induces. I also like playing with the wind.

Franck Darnet

Franck Darnet - Superyacht interior designer

Design never stands still. Where do you look for fresh inspiration for your interiors?
Our sources of inspiration are nature, art, architecture, fashion, cars... but the most important one is humankind. I think human beings should be the centre of our attention.


You design superyacht interiors and one-off projects. Are there principles on large yachts that you can equally apply to the luxury catamarans built by Privilège?
The art of space: We design bright and attractive interiors to live in, which provide pleasure and a sense of space. With interiors that are wide and uncluttered to optimise the visual perspective and sightlines. A few inches, a slight curve here, a recess joint there can change the perception of size.


Is there a Franck Darnet house style?
Yes and no – Yes in the sense of on each project, we have the same approach, the same eye for details, which means at the end a very similar visual appeal. No because our design studio fulfils our clients’ desires: some dream about a classical interior, others about a contemporary atmosphere. This range makes our job tremendously exciting and gratifying. In both cases, the conceptual approach and the attention to detail are constant.


What was your brief with the new Privilège Signature 650?
This is a luxury catamaran, so the spaces and volumes had to feel as magisterial as the boat herself. We strove to increase headroom and natural light throughout the interior while reducing unnecessary detailing and clutter to create a real feeling of space. The main solution was an amazing new coachroof, but we also improved crew circulation by removing the cockpit step and made the flybridge access even safer to use.