Great things start with passion

Team spirit on a grand scale - meet the producers of Privilège

Marc Lombard - naval architect


Since 1985, Marc Lombard has been the chief designer for Privilège giving special attention to the owner’s preferences: "For more than 3 decades I have sailed and lived the Privilège dream. Every Privilège is designed and built to combine seaworthiness with comfort, luxury and pleasure, a true masterpiece on the sea."

Historically focused on racing, Marc Lombard was the very first naval architect’s office to integrate specialists in hydrodynamics.

Black and white portrait photograph of naval architect Marc Lombard

Franck Darnet - Designer


Franck Darnet is undoubtedly one of the worlds most renowned interior designers for luxury hotels, and custom yachts. His refined designs are found on every Privilège making them the most elegant multihulls today.

Black and white photograph of world renowned interior designer Frank Darnet working on drafting table