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The Yacht Company

A luxury yacht is a significant investment

Privilège is synonymous with luxury, individual catamarans. New partner The Yacht Company, who offers yacht management service, shares the same ideas about high standards, quality, service and reliability, allowing Privilège owners to hand over the daily management of their yacht and focus on simply enjoying the boat.

We owned, worked and lived on luxury yachts and know how to manage and support private yacht owners.

The Yacht Company

In fact, Privilège owners can take advantage of the service offered by The Yacht Company even earlier in the process. The Carefree Yacht Setup package brings Bernd and Daniela at TYC on board to help you choose configurations, styling and equipment. They will act as owner’s representative, signing off on equipment quality, for instance. And they can also take care of legal and tax issues relating to the boat and help you through registration and insurance.

British maritime flag waves from AFT of luxury catamaran
The Yacht Company can help you navigate the registration of your boat
Daniela & Bernd owners of The Yacht Company
Daniela and Bernd pose with team Privilège the catamaran yard
Daniela and Bernd with the Privilège team at the yard
Allure at anchor off the coast of exotic island, Privilège Serie 640, manged by TYC
Allure – Privilège Serie 640 – manged by TYC
Guests enjoy champagne on board the luxury yacht Allure

Experience of luxury yachting

“We owned, worked and lived on luxury yachts and know how to manage and support private yacht owners,” says Daniela. “Yachting is an unparalleled adventure, an exclusive lifestyle. Whether you own or want to purchase a sailing yacht or a power boat, a monohull or a private catamaran, our expertise will find the best program and solution for you.”

More specifically, TYC can take on the tricky task of recruiting and training crew, as well as providing training for the owner themselves. They can also look after ongoing servicing and warranty issues, plus organising any repairs necessary. And they will also arrange winter storage, delivery and even weather routeing.

We take care that the yacht is running smoothly and effectively with minimal involvement of the owner

The Yacht Company

Crew member holds tray of drinks to welcome catamaran guests
Crew recruitment and training are the key to a successful programme
Catamaran stewardess sets table for a night of high-end fine dining
Chef Niki presents her gourmet cuisine
Luxury catamaran guests are served exotic cocktails by crew members
Catamaran crew meets for safety meeting and guest briefing
Crew briefing
Towels embroidered with luxury catamaran name “Allure”
From towels to the guest book – quality and perfection in every detail

“The Yacht Company consults, advises and coordinates all aspects of yacht ownership, so that you can spend as much pleasurable time onboard as possible,” says Bernd. “We take care that the yacht is running smoothly and effectively with minimal involvement of the owner. We are here so that you can enjoy every moment of the yachting experience.”

Award-winning luxury sailing catamaran Allure
Allure won the ‘best in show’ award 2020 at the prestigious VIPCA charter show

Top notch charter

Charter management is another core capability of The Yacht Company. Knowing that owners can’t always spend the time aboard they’d like, the idea is to help cover the costs of crew and maintenance through carefully targeted charter. The Charter Expert Package takes care of marketing, budgeting, cost control, as well as crew and booking management.

The Yacht Company already has the beautiful Privilège catamaran Allure on its books. You can read about Allure here, but this custom Privilège Serie 640 is the centre of a hugely successful charter operation, renowned for the exceptional service of its dedicated crew. Both maintenance and charter management are underpinned by the expertise of The Yacht Company. Allure was delivered in 2020, and immediately won a ‘best in show’ award in the 56-65ft category at the prestigious VIPCA charter show on St Thomas.

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Interview Rob Priorier (Dealer Privilège America) with Daniela

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The Yacht Company owners

A luxury yacht is a significant investment