Javier Serra black and white corporate profile photo in catamaran factory

Javier Serra

Head of sea trials, delivery and after sales

Before any Privilège catamaran can be delivered to its owner, it must first fully satisfy Javier Serra. He wields a list containing hundreds of points of detail that relate to the interior and exterior finish, the deck gear and the technical installations behind the scenes. During a 24-hour intensive sea trial, he will evaluate each item on the list and inform the yard of any shortcomings.

Satisfaction for me is when problems are solved right and on time with a happy and grateful customer at the end.


Born in Baiona, in Spain’s wild northwest corner, Javier has always sailed. His hometown lies at the mouth of the southernmost of Galicia’s famous rias — deep river inlets that offer shelter and spectacular scenery. They also make an important stop-over for bluewater boats heading across the Atlantic, as many Privilège catamarans do.

He looks every inch the experienced sailor with his distinctive beard and has long worked with boats. When we asked him what he likes to do in his spare time, he replied with just a single word: “Sailing!” If he had his own Privilège yacht, he wouldn’t hesitate. “I would go sailing around the world.”

Javier Serra outlines details of catamaran performance and quality to client at hand over
Javier Serra shows catamaran owners how to use nautical navigation equipment
Javier Serra uses laptop and navigation equipment to plot course and communicate with catamaran owners
Javier Serra solves catamaran problems
Catamaran crew meets with Javier Serra in galley
Javier Serra with catamaran owners and crew

Javier also physically delivers boats to customers unable to collect them from Les Sables d’Olonne. His huge experience with our boats and his friendly demeanour mean that he is perfectly qualified to provide additional handover training for owners. This is a service that we highly recommend, and many choose to take it up before they head off on to fulfil their cruising ambitions.

Satisfaction for Javier is a happy customer. “It is when problems are solved right and on time, with a happy and grateful customer at the end.” It is something he hopes to pass on to the next generation. “My goals for the future are to work on boats and share my experience with younger people.”