Bertrand Serrell Interior joiner

Bertrand Serrell

Interior joiner

As a joiner of more than 23 years’ standing, Bertrand spent many years building scale models of industrial designs in northern France. But since childhood, he always dreamt of working with boats. He remembers:

We passed the Privilège yard once during the holidays, I told my family, ‘this is where I want to work’!


He was drawn to Privilège by a reputation for craftsmanship, and was eager to move his family to the Vendée region. His job is to build and adjust the cabinetry that gives shape to every boat’s unique interior, alongside other joiners. “I like starting a boat with the sole boards and seeing it through to the launch, and particularly enjoy fine work and laying the deck,” says Bertrand. Working alongside so many other skilled craftsmen, there is never a day when he doesn’t learn something new.

In his spare time, he likes to sail, stand-up paddleboard, bodyboard and, of course, tinker with things. “If I had a Privilège catamaran, it would be a Serie 640, and I would sail around the world with family in it,” Bertrand says. “First, though, I’d take some sailing lessons with Eric Darni!”